British-American absorption plant, Longview, Alberta.
Wilfred Leigh Brintnell, Edmonton, Alberta.
Canadian Bank of Commerce, Bassano, Alberta.
Cy Becker with airplane, Edmonton, Alberta.
Wilfred Reid 'Wop' May, Edmonton, Alberta.
Clennell Haggerston 'Punch' Dickins, Edmonton, Alberta.
Dyson and Rhodes 99 Auto Service station, Calgary, Alberta.
Pilots beside airplane, Edmonton, Alberta.
Grant McConachie and Harvey Hancock, Edmonton, Alberta.
S. S. 'Northland Echo' leaving Waterways, Alberta.
James Bell, airport manager, Edmonton, Alberta.
Harry Gatty and Wiley Post, Edmonton, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive 991, Calgary, Alberta.
Alex Shearlaw, Jenkins' Groceteria office, Calgary, Alberta.
Collège Sainte-Marie : sixième souvenir annuel, 1921
Train crossing Canadian Pacific Railway viaduct, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Interior of public library, Lethbridge, Alberta.
View of town of Banff and Spray Valley from Mount Norquay, Banff, Alberta.
Crowd of shoppers at opening of 'Bay Day' sale at Hudson's Bay Company store in downtown Calgary, Alberta.
Canada geese.
Group of stylishly dressed ladies, Edmonton, Alberta.
Great North Western Railway station, Lochearn, Alberta.
Mechanical stooker.
Biggs children playing with a sled on snowy hillside, Springfield Ranch, Beynon, Alberta.
Grain fields in sout west Gleichen from bridge over distributary C, Alberta.
Burning well, West Turner Petroleum.
Buffalo and calf grazing in Banff National Park, Alberta.
Canadian Legion band festival, Lethbridge, Alberta.
First Nations man at the Indian village, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede grounds.
Girl Guide leader, possibly in Lethbridge, Alberta.
Unidentified group in Lacombe, Alberta.
Swimming at Bowness Park, Calgary, Alberta.
A13346 338
Cheerleaders at Western Canada High School, Calgary, Alberta.
Straight path and the crooked, The
Wide angle view of Turner Valley, Alberta.
R.B. Bennett.
Honourable William T. Finlay, Alberta Minister of Agriculture.
James K. Cornwall, Peace River area, Alberta.
Honourable W.H. Cushing, Alberta Minister of Public Works.
Lieutenant Colonel James K. Cornwall, Edmonton, Alberta.
James K. Cornwall, Peace River area, Alberta.
Alberta Hotel, Edmonton, Alberta.
M. R. Jennings, publisher of the Edmonton Journal, Edmonton, Alberta.
Edmund Trowbridge, Deputy Provincial Secretary and Registrar of Companies, Edmonton, Alberta.
Alex E. May, Edmonton, Alberta.
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