Storage tanks at British-American absorption plant, Longview, Alberta.
Sheep on Western Stock Ranch, Cluny, Alberta.
Public school, Killam, Alberta.
Boatmen on Athabasca River, Alberta.
British Petroleums #2 well, Wainwright, Alberta.
Adelbert Cazier, irrigation pioneer.
Irrigation construction outfit of Adelbert Cazier.
S.S. 'Athabasca River', Fort McMurray, Alberta.
Les pionniers de la Seigneurie de Murray Bay
MGIS 323 P1985
FREN 323-01 F2007
Businesses in the 300 block of 5th Street South, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Barnes Circus elephants, Banff, Alberta.
Imperial Airways airplane which transported safari group.
Victoria High School, Edmonton, Alberta.
New Canadian Food Fair at Civic Centre, Lethbridge, Alberta.
George Crawford, Calgary, Alberta.
New concrete gates for distributary A and D, Gleichen district, SW 1/4 2-23-23-W4, Alberta.
Power house, Calgary Power Ltd., Lethbridge, Alberta.
Public touring new aquarium, Calgary Brewing and Malting Company.
Springfield Ranch house in winter, Beynon, Alberta.
Chinese men's group, Lacombe, Alberta.
First Street West looking north at 9th Avenue toward Grain Exchange building, Calgary, Alberta.
First Nations people in Calgary Exhibition and Stampede parade.
Drilling rig, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Stockyards, Calgary, Alberta.
Merchants Bank of Canada, Czar, Alberta.
5103-1562 323
Buffalo in Buffalo National Park near Wainwright, Alberta.
Ricky Burris, age three, shovelling snow on sidewalk, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Royalite Oil Company scrubbing plant, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Crown Prosecutor M. H. Staples, Calgary, Alberta.
Aerial view of strip farming, southern Alberta.
Fiftieth anniversary, 1912-1962, The Pas, Manitoba, Canada: golden jubilee celebrations, August 24, 25, 26 1962
Listing frozen land soil to prevent winter drifting, Lethbridge area, Alberta.
Plowless fallow with good trash, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Eva Reid at Expo '67, Montreal, Quebec.
Eva Reid interviewing Duchess of Windsor, Calgary, Alberta
Mary Dover in an evening gown, Calgary, Alberta.
Calgary Desk and Derrick Club visit North Western Pulp and Power.
Members of the Women's Press Club, Calgary, Alberta.
Grant MacEwan wearing headdress, Calgary, Alberta.
Women's group, Calgary, Alberta.
One way ploughing discs, Lethbridge area, Alberta.
Dust mulch, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Examining sugar beets [rotation U] at experimental station, Lethbridge, Alberta.
A11100 323
A11068 323
A11099 323
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