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Buick automobile, near Bowfort Creek, Alberta.
First service station at Bowfort Creek, Alberta.
Bowfort service station and tea room, near Morley, Alberta.
Stoney shaman (medicine man) and Roy Zeller at Bowfort, Alberta.
Display of mounted moose heads shot at Clarence Sand's ranch, Horburg, Alberta.
Honourable Nathan Eldon Tanner, 1898-
Old well-head at Oil City, Alberta.
Carl O. Nickle, Calgary, Alberta.
Frank M. McMahon, Calgary, Alberta.
Fort Ethier, Alberta.
Group of Blood at Fort Whoop-Up, Alberta.
Group of Blood at Fort Whoop-Up, Alberta.
Boulder near Waterton River, Alberta.
Leduc #1 well, Leduc, Alberta.
Geological survey party near Wolf Hills, Saskatchewan.
Sturgeon coal shipment, Edmonton, Alberta.
King Edward School Edmonton, Alberta.
King Edward School Edmonton, Alberta.
J. A. 'Jack' Armstrong.
Keth Huff, Calgary, Alberta.
Charles R. Hetherington, Calgary, Alberta.
Frederick A. Kidd, Calgary, Alberta.
Drill pipe at Stolberg, Alberta.
B. E. Lowe.
Construction of gas gathering system in Leduc-Woodbend field, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway train bringing 34-inch pipe to Cabri, Saskatchewan.
Wilf Bowe, roughneck at Redwater, Alberta.
United Geophysical crew preparing for test, Alberta.
Imperial Oil surveyor George Schlosser in Peace River district, Alberta.
Risdon's Machine Shop truck, Strathmore, Alberta.
George Risdon and Lloyd Little at Risdon's Machine Shop, Strathmore, Alberta.
Geophysicists reading seismograph output, Alberta.
Geophysical crew from Gulf Oil, Alberta.
W. H. Austin.
Oilfield Technical Society executive, Calgary, Alberta.
Trajan Nitescu, Calgary, Alberta.
John S. 'Jack' Peach, Calgary, Alberta.
R. A. Quinton, Calgary, Alberta.
Tom A. Steele, Calgary, Alberta.
Elgin D. Bell, Calgary, Alberta.
Vernon Taylor, Calgary, Alberta.
S. Douglas Turner, Calgary, Alberta.
E. H. Tanner, Calgary, Alberta.
J. W. Tomlinson, Calgary, Alberta.
W. O. Twaits.
Evan R. A. Temple, Calgary, Alberta.
G. L. Stewart.
Herb Surplis, Calgary, Alberta.
W. L. Blenner-Hassett, Calgary, Alberta.
F. G. Hall.
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