Cree women at Treaty 5 payment, Norway House, Manitoba.
Wedding at John Black Memorial Church, Norway House, Manitoba.
Nurses and native guide near Norway House, Manitoba.
Dr. Ross Campbell and young patient, Norway House, Manitoba.
Hospital staff picnic, Norway House, Manitoba.
Judy Dettanikkeaze, Dene woman, Lac Brochet, Manitoba.
Three Inuit midwives, Wassagamack.
Marie Dantouze, Dene woman, sewing in tent at fish camp, Brochet, Manitoba.
Cook tent for travelling clinic, Alberta.
Group of Alberta District Nurses, Edmonton, Alberta.
Phillippa Chapman, Edmonton, Alberta.
Dog teams line up for race, Coral Harbour, Southampton Island, Nunavut.
Building snow house, Southampton Island, Nunavut.
Daisies growing along shore of Hudson Bay, Southampton Island, Nunavut.
Roman Catholic priest, Father Marcel Rio, Southampton Island, Nunavut.
Tuuraaluk (Julie) Panniuq, Inuit woman, chewing sealskin, Coral Harbour, Southampton Island, Nunavut.
Simonee, Inuit child patient, outside hospital, Pangnirtung, Baffin Island, Nunavut.
Nurse Gwen Ross outside hospital, Pangnirtung, Baffin Island, Nunavut.
Nurse Gwen Ross and Mike at hospital, Pangnirtung, Baffin Island, Nunavut.
Mrs. Chryss Abernethy at Red Cross Outpost, East Braintree, Manitoba.
Jean Nichol, matron of hospital, Loon Lake, Saskatchewan.
Airship in France.
Nurse Joy Veals leaving Norway House, Manitoba.
X-ray department, Tuxedo Hospital, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Members of mobile clinic team at camp site, Peace River area, Alberta.
Camp of travelling clinic, Wildwood area, Alberta.
Matron Doris Timberg (nurse) by small rapids near Norway House, Manitoba.
Treaty 5 payment camp, Norway House, Manitoba.
Bombardier snowmobile, winter transportation, Norway House, Manitoba.
'S. S. Kenora' at dock, Norway House, Manitoba.
Nurses at old hospital, Norway House, Manitoba.
Hospital, Norway House, Manitoba.
Nurses Henderson and Matron Doris Timberg near Norway House, Manitoba.
Nurse getting water from lake, Brochet, Manitoba.
Nurse immunizing baby at Brochet, Manitoba.
Ice water for water supply being hauled by Dene men, Brochet, Manitoba.
First Nations members, possibly Cree with beaver pelts, Garden Hill, Manitoba.
Hospital, Cold Lake, Alberta.
Cold weather camp for travelling clinic, Alberta.
Group of nurses at Scott, Saskatchewan.
Oil drums at Coral Harbour, Southampton Island, Nunavut.
Copelands and friends, Southampton Island, Nunavut.
Inuit woman, cleaning bear skin, Southampton Island, Nunavut
Cree men during treaty payment, Wabasca, Alberta.
Set-up for tonsillectomy, Mission House, Cherry Point, Alberta.
Nurse N. Carter, graduate of General Hospital, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Nurse Margaret McKay arriving at Norway House, Manitoba.
Nurse Dorothy Erskine with patients, Norway House, Manitoba.
Nurses Conner and Massey in bathing suits, Paris Plage beach, France.
Soldiers at hospital in France.
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