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Inventaire chronologique des livres et journaux, etc., publiés en langue française dans la province de Québec : table des noms et des matières, 1764-1906
Ponoka, AB. Bylaws, 1967
Brooks, AB. Bylaws, 1973
MacKinnon-Leitch wedding, Calgary, Alberta.
Jennie Louise MacKinnon on occasion of marriage to John Strickland Leitch, C.E., Calgary, Alberta.
First Nations in Stampede Parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Dressing table with photo of Donald P. MacKinnon, probably in Finch, Ontario.
MacKinnon daughter with dog dressed in clothes, Finch, Ontario.
D.P. MacKinnon family on steps of home, Finch, Ontario.
MacKinnon family and friends on tennis court, Finch, Ontario.
MacKinnon family on a picnic, probably in Ontario.
Donald P. MacKinnon at 'South Lodge', Vancouver, British Columbia.
Walter Sage's home 'South Lodge', Vancouver, British Columbia.
Possibly Elizabeth and John Leitch, at the Sage home in Vancouver, British Columbia.
D.P. MacKinnon and Walter Sage families at 'South Lodge', Vancouver, British Columbia.
Automobiles in Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Parade, Calgary, Alberta.
First Nations on horseback in Stampede Parade, Calgary, Alberta.
MacKinnon family and friends visiting limestone quarry, probably Exshaw, Alberta.
D.P. MacKinnon family and friends in winter dress, Alberta.
Woman at picnic, possibly Alberta.
Women at picnic, possibly Alberta.
MacKinnon family on picnic, beside carriage, Alberta.
Donald P. MacKinnon and wife Flora [McLean] on a fishing trip, Alberta.
Women and children beside carriage.
Two children with dolls.
Two women with children holding dolls.
Young man in front of house.
First Nations on horseback in Stampede Parade, Calgary, Alberta.
MacKinnon family women gardening, possibly Calgary, Alberta.
Woman at entrance to a business college.
Ice boats on a frozen lake, possibly Alberta.
Pilings in forms for Canada Cement Company, Exshaw, Alberta.
Pilings for Canada Cement Company, Exshaw, Alberta.
Building made of concrete.
Hunter in field aiming rifle, Alberta.
Hunter carrying dead ducks, Alberta.
Two girls outside with a parasol, Alberta.
Flora MacKinnon with school children, rural Alberta.
First Nations riding in wagon, Stampede Parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Woman with two children in carriage, near coal docks, possibly Biggar, Saskatchewan.
'Britannia's Overseas Veterans' Stampede Parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Girls on float with United States flag, Stampede Parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Children on float labelled 'The Future Hope of Canada' Stampede Parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Float carrying large model of a fish, Stampede Parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Wagons from Bar U ranch, Stampede Parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Duke of Connaught presenting diplomas to the students of the Royal Academy of Music in front of City Hall, Calgary, Alberta.
The Duke of Connaught presenting a diploma to Flora MacKinnon, Calgary, Alberta.
Building and power lines, Exshaw, Alberta.
Exshaw, Alberta.
5th Calgary Boy Scout troop, Calgary, Alberta.
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