Chautauqua talent, tent boys and superintendents, Alberta.
Business Operations Second Quarter report 2007-2008
Fred Johnston, Calgary, Alberta.
Olympic Oval 2007/2008 annual review
La Fleche window, Edmonton, Alberta.
Samaritan club 'Preview of Fashions', Calgary, Alberta.
Second day Chautauqua performers at Abbey, Saskatchewan.
Stony Plain, AB., Bylaws, Active, Licensing - Sanitation
2007 Campus Sustainability Assessment and Recommendations Report volume 2 appendices
M.S. 'Patterson', in the Arctic ice.
M.S. 'Herman', whaling off Banks Island, Northwest Territories.
Hostellers saddling up at Jake Fullerton's place, Bragg Creek, Alberta.
University of Calgary Calendar 2007-2008
The Calgary Institute for the Humanities Self-Appraisal Report of CIH: Institutes & Centres Review 2006-2007
The Petrie Quintet, Chautauqua performers, Western Canada.
Stony Plain, AB., Bylaws, Active, General to Land Purchases and Sales
Bentley, AB., Bylaws, Repealed
Chinook School, Chinook, Alberta.
Ray Adams on Over Powered, Calgary Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Wildwood Youth Hostel, Springbank, Alberta.
Trucking logs at the Etter-McDougall sawmill, Winfield, Alberta.
Thomas J. S. Skinner and dog.
Adelia Mabel Irvine and her son Ronald, possibly Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
Dr. E.E. Ballantyne, Edmonton, Alberta.
Inuit camp, Kent Peninsula, Nunavut.
Stony Plain, AB., Bylaws, Active, Land Use Order, Book 2
Stripping a whale of its blubber, [off Banks Island], Northwest Territories.
Reverend Crisall and First Nations Sunday School children, Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories.
Drying fish for dog feed, Tree River, Nunavut.
Drying white fox furs on the Hudson's Bay Company ship 'Nigalik', Victoria Island, Nunavut.
Mounted Police at Herschel Island, Yukon.
St Andrew's Mission, Bernard Harbour, Northwest Territories.
Major James Walsh and government party, Bennett Lake, British Columbia.
Hudson's Bay Company scow at Shingle Point, Yukon.
Gold Run detachment of the North-West Mounted Police, Yukon.
North-West Mounted Police parade, Dawson City, Yukon.
4-H club, Scollard, Alberta.
North-West Mounted Police officers, Calgary, Alberta.
Zachary Taylor Wood in his North-West Mounted Police uniform, Napanee, Ontario.
Inuit schooners, Baillie Island, Northwest Territories.
Chuckwagon contestants at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Calgary, Alberta
15th annual Convention, Alberta Federation of Labour, Calgary, Alberta.
'Zack' Wood, pilot trainee, next to his plane, probably at Camp Borden, Ontario.
Camp at Long Point on Arctic coast, Yukon.
Stuart Taylor Wood of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and his dog 'Lou', Regina, Saskatchewan.
North-West Mounted Police in Lindeman, British Columbia.
2006 Report, International Studentship Program, University of Calgary
8th Avenue looking west, Calgary, Alberta.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police with hangman, Herschel Island, Yukon.
Poster advertising Calgary Exhibition, Calgary, Alberta.
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