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Alberta Hansard1978 Mar. 2-Apr. 28
Lieux et monuments historiques des Trois-Rivières et environs
P.F. Moore, Calgary, Alberta.
Ivone St. G. Burn, Scurry Oils Limited, Calgary, Alberta.
Gas drilling rig at Jefferson Lake Sulphur Company well, near Calgary, Alberta.
Edward P. Galvin, Calgary, Alberta.
Edward H. Laborde, Calgary, Alberta.
Smoke from burning petroleum waste pits, Balmoral oil field, near Red Deer, Alberta.
New Canadian Oil Companies Limited refinery, Bowden-Innisfail area, Alberta.
Home Oil Company gas plant, Carstairs, Alberta.
General Petroleums drilling rig, near Calgary, Alberta.
Angus MacNeill sitting at desk, Calgary, Alberta.
Seismic crew member A. M. Harrison uses surveyor's transit to determine location for seismic shots, Zama Lake area, Alberta.
Tracked vehicle built by Spalding Drilling Company for use in oil industry, Calgary, Alberta.
James Richardson and Sons provide funds to Anglo American Exploration Limited, Calgary, Alberta.
Participants in a natural gas symposium, Calgary, Alberta.
Portable air-powered seismic drill developed by Seismotech Limited, Calgary, Alberta.
First propane delivery truck constructed of lightweight steel, Calgary, Alberta.
Western Canada Petroleum Association meeting, Calgary, Alberta.
Alberta Provincial Committee helping plan 6th World Petroleum Congress in Frankfurt Germany, Calgary, Alberta.
Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists 6th annual field conference, Calgary, Alberta.
Pine Creek gas plant, northeast of Calgary, Alberta.
Tracked vehicle made by Robin-Nodwell Manufacturing for use in oil industry, Calgary, Alberta.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers search for purple gasoline, near Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Oil Companies Limited refinery, Bowden-Innisfail area, Alberta.
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