Bill Bear Chief with wife and J. D. Spence, Gleichen, Alberta.
Interior of Martin and Phillips office, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Tom Smarch family, Ross Post, Yukon Territory.
Canadian Pacific Railway Train Number 4, 'Toronto Express', Yoho National Park, British Columbia.
A Quatsino grandfather, British Columbia.
Sentinel well and bridge across Sheep Creek, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Coal mine, Number 3 shaft, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Henry Youle Hind's expedition.
J. C. Davis, Calgary, Alberta.
Gauntlet, Volume 018, Number 032
Chief Thomas Mackie, Calgary, Alberta.
Front page from 'The U.F.A.' magazine, Calgary, Alberta.
Viking #1 well, Viking, Alberta.
Extra issued by Calgary Herald.
Item on Lacrosse from Calgary Herald.
A colony of prairie dogs in Montana, USA.
Central School, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of W. B. Barwis, Calgary, Alberta.
Letter sent by Blackfoot man to King George V.
View of Chief Mountain and Waterton River, Alberta.
Elbow River, Alberta.
Residence of Enoch S. Sales, Calgary, Alberta.
Ojibwa camp near falls of Rainy River, Manitoba.
Imperial Hotel, Calgary, Alberta.
House built by James Smalley, Calgary, Alberta.
Drawing of Great West Liquor Company Limited building, Calgary, Alberta.
Hackney horse owned by C. Kinniburgh, Calgary, Alberta.
Dan Cashman, clothier, Calgary, Alberta.
Train load of traction plow engines shipped to Chapin Company of Calgary, Alberta.
Brewery, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Rocky Mountains Cement Company plant, Blairmore, Alberta.
Architectural drawing of Labour Temple, Calgary, Alberta.
Interior of Calgary Furniture Store, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of E. Hart Nichols, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of John Mosley, Calgary, Alberta.
Fort Owen on Bitteroot River, Montana.
Calgary Billposting & Advertising Company Limited building, Calgary, Alberta.
Interior of Patrick, Heupermann & Heupermann, Calgary, Alberta.
J. Douglas and J. Mosley having a picnic on a hunting trip, near Calgary, Alberta.
King George Hotel, Calgary, Alberta.
Moxam Realty and Construction Company building, Calgary, Alberta.
Johnston's Storage, Calgary, Alberta.
Mutual Life Assurance Company in the McDougall Block, Calgary, Alberta.
Calgary General Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of Thomas John Searle Skinner, Calgary, Alberta.
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