Brinks family, Pine Lake, Alberta.
Booth for Rendall Limited at Home Building Exposition, Edmonton, Alberta.
5116-1585 239
5116-1585 242
5116-1585 237
5116-1585 241
5116-1585 240
5116-1585 238
5116-1585 243
Rocky Mountain Development Company drilling rig, Waterton area, Alberta.
Costumed group, Main Street, Birch Lake, Alberta.
Orwat and wife, Quatsino Bay, Vancouver, British Columbia. Kwakiutl Kwakwaka'wakw) tribe.
H. F. Lawrence family members, Pine Lake, Alberta.
Riel Rebellion telegram, written from Medicine Hat.
Rachel Walter, Stand Off Hutterite colony, Alberta.
Stand Off Hutterite colony, Stand Off, Alberta.
Burning waste gas, Turner Valley, Alberta.
5009-1909 121
Post office, Calgary, Alberta.
Native man, Calgary, Alberta.
Coal mine, Number 3 shaft, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Front page of The Eye Opener, Calgary, Alberta.
Plan of Fort Normandeau at Red Deer River crossing, Alberta.
View from Mount Pleasant, Calgary, Alberta.
Parfleche accompanying letter to King George V.
Canadian Pacific Railway survey camp on Skeena River, British Columbia.
Riel Rebellion telegram, written from Medicine Hat.
View of Red Deer River, looking southeast from Lorne's Crossing, Alberta.
Front page of 'The U.F.A.' magazine, Calgary, Alberta.
Portion of map presented by Peter Pond to Empress of Russia.
Front page of 'The U.F.A.' magazine, Calgary, Alberta.
Sawing logs at Sabre ranch, Pine Lake, Alberta.
Creamery, Pine Lake, Alberta.
Cattle en route to mange dip, Hand Hills, Alberta.
Residence of George May, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of T. Owen Baldwin, Calgary, Alberta.
Hand-drawn map of Midnapore, Alberta.
Lord Lorne's party on south bank of Red Deer River, looking southwest, Alberta.
Branding on a ranch near Calgary, Alberta.
Louis Riel : a bibliography
Horse herd in southern Alberta.
Emmanuel College, at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Front page of Calgary Tribune, Calgary, Alberta.
Stone fort at Lower Fort Garry, Manitoba.
Riel Rebellion telegram from C. Shields in Medicine Hat, Alberta to J. M. Egan.
Angus Sparrow's residence, Calgary, Alberta.
Harvesting, Winnipeg area, Manitoba.
Northern Alberta Metis trapper in winter costume.
'Calgary Herald', page, Calgary, Alberta.
H. Bentley and Company store, Lethbridge, Alberta.
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