Herd of buffalo at Buffalo National Park near Wainwright, Alberta.
Mail day, Hesketh, Alberta.
Horses at A. G. Anderson's auction sale, Webbs area near Carbon, Alberta.
Vivian Anderson and Lloyd Anderson en route to school near Carbon, Alberta.
Baby Delia Grenier in early morning bath, Kirkpatrick area, Alberta.
Len Andrew, Svend Hansen, and John Hansen on Andrew farm near Hesketh, Alberta.
Battendorf coal wagon, Carbon area, Alberta.
Mrs. George Craddock and Mrs. Hubert Coates beside car, Carbon area, Alberta.
Line of work horses on Anderson farm, Ghost Pine Creek area near Carbon, Alberta.
Horses at A. G. Anderson's auction sale, near Carbon, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway track washout, Kneehill Creek near Carbon, Alberta.
Percy Coad farm house, Humboldt area, Alberta.
Loading gravel near Carbon, Alberta.
Jack Lowen's children on horseback, Kneehill Creek near Carbon, Alberta.
School children gardening at Marne School, Kirkpatrick area, Alberta.
Hesketh, Alberta.
Hedstrom family in winter house, Beveridge Coulee, near Carbon, Alberta.
Team of horses moving barn at G. W. Morley's farm, Beveridge Lake area, Alberta.
Loading seed drill on A. G. Anderson's farm near Carbon, Alberta.
Agnes Mary Thorburn and Caroline Ann Brownjohn, southern Alberta.
Tom Douglas ranch house near Hesketh, Alberta.
Team of horses moving grain bins on Garrett farm near Carbon, Alberta.
Ranch near Hesketh, Alberta.
Aerial view of James Robison homestead, Kneehill Creek near Carbon, Alberta.
Team of oxen at Vickers' store, Drumheller, Alberta.
Joe Grenier feeding Douglas' cattle, near Gatine siding, Alberta.
Josephat Alphonse Grenier and his wife on their wedding day, Kirkpatrick area, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Webber on their wedding day, Kirby School District area, Alberta.
First car load of grain shipped from Grainger, Alberta.
Charlie B. Guynn after coyote hunt, Carbon area, Alberta.
Berry picking near Carbon, Alberta.
Wilf Carter discing with eight horse team near Carbon, Alberta.
Reinhold Zern combining near Rosebud, Alberta.
Jane Anderson family in cars, Webbs School district area near Carbon, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. William Baird with Dr. and Mrs. Lincoln, Carbon area, Alberta.
Percy Coad and daughter Dorothy Coad with work horses, Humboldt area, Alberta.
Buffalo coming into the shipping corrals, Wainwright, Alberta.
Mrs. William F. Schnase beside unfinished house near Rosebud, Alberta.
Hole in bank used as settler's home near Hesketh, Alberta.
Ella Robinson and family near Carbon, Alberta.
Cleaning wheat on Forsch farm near Carbon, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive 5907, Alyth Yard, Calgary, Alberta.
LaPalma Cigar Company Limited store window, Edmonton, Alberta.
Christian Helen Jephson, England.
View of Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan.
Businesses on 17th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta.
R.B. Bennett.
North-west Mounted Police camp, Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan.
Bishop W. Cyprian Pinkham.
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