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University of Alberta, Edmonton summary of statistics for the academic year 1964-1965
The Students' Union Building: architectural and structural (project number 1434)
Alberta Bills: 21st Legislature, 2nd Session
Cardston AB. Bylaws 1989
Fort Saskatchewan Alberta Bylaws 1966
Alberta Gazette 1943
Alberta Hansard1978 Mar. 2-Apr. 28
Alberta Hansard1980 Mar. 20-Apr. 30
Guide and companion to Edmonton, Alberta : a handbook for everyone : for residents, tourists,  intending settlers & others
Portrait of Patrick Burns.
P. Burns & Company's abattoir, Calgary, Alberta.
Interior of P. Burns and Company butcher shop, Calgary, Alberta.
Interior of P. Burns and Company butcher shop, Calgary, Alberta.
Interior of butcher shop, Nelson, British Columbia.
Department of the Interior, Government scrip issued to William Johnston. North-West Mounted Police.
Department of the Interior, Government scrip for 160 acres issued to Elziar Laroque, Metis.
View of Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan.
North-West Mounted Police horses.
North-West Mounted Police camp on the prairies.
North-West Mounted Police officer resting and reading newspaper.
Trial of a whiskey trader at Spitzee Post on Highwood River, Alberta.
Herd of buffalo.
Lying' Allen, Indian Department employee at Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan.
Party of Assiniboine peoples.
Assiniboine tipi.
Profile of Stoney man.
Profile of Kootenay man.
View of Fort Calgary, Alberta.
A party of Kootenay people, likely near Fort Macleod, Alberta.
A Crow hunter during a visit to southern Alberta.
North Peigan man.
Morning Plume, North Peigan chief.
Heavy Shield, Blackfoot chief.
Blackfoot warrior.
Blackfoot woman.
Blackfoot woman scraping a hide.
Women hauling wood to Blackfoot camp.
Blackfoot camp.
View of the Rocky Mountains and log buildings from Fort Calgary, Alberta.
Blackfoot camp on the march with horse and dog travois.
Blackfoot horse travois.
Horses and travois of a Blackfoot trading party.
Dog travois and blackfoot tipi.
Blackfoot medicine pipe bundle on a tripod.
Sacred Blackfoot drum on tripod.
Toboggan and dogs for winter travel in southern Alberta.
Carriole and sleigh dog.
Hudson's Bay Company half-breed [Metis].
Cree chief.
View of the Rocky Mountains Bow River, Alberta
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