Fire brigade in parade, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway locomotives 5775 and 5804 on train no. 7 'The Dominion', Revelstoke, British Columbia.
Quacum and wife, Kwakiutl (Kwakwaka'wakw).
Tom Henry, a chief of the Bella Coola.
Shaman (medicine man) of the Bella Coola.
Gas plant, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Vulcan, Alberta, Bylaws, 2008
Mrs. J. Kemmis, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Front page from 'The U.F.A.' magazine, Calgary, Alberta.
13th Canadian Mounted Rifles, Canadian Expeditionary Force.
Alberta Gazette 1959, part 1
Alberta Bills: 14th Legislature, 5th Session
Interior of Cathedral Church of the Redeemer, Calgary, Alberta.
Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) girl.
Interior view, St. Faith's chapel, Edmonton, Alberta.
Residence of Doctor T. H. Blow, Calgary, Alberta.
Map showing the land of Treaty 7 First Nations people.
Residence of Simon James Clarke, Calgary, Alberta.
Extra issued by Calgary Herald.
York Factory post on Hudson Bay area, Manitoba.
Residence of J. W. Fullbrook, Calgary, Alberta.
W. M. Irvine, Calgary, Alberta.
Edmonton Red River cart freighter in costume.
List of Blackfoot (Siksika) children at Old Sun's Boarding School, Blackfoot reserve, Alberta.
Imperial Bank building and adjoining blocks on 8th Avenue (Stephen Avenue), Calgary, Alberta.
Residences along 14th Avenue, looking east, Calgary, Alberta.
Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Peters Jarvis, Commanding officer of Ontario Rifles.
Front page of Morning Albertan, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of Mrs. Beveridge, Calgary, Alberta.
Stephen Avenue [8th Avenue] looking east, Calgary, Alberta.
Bridge over Belly River, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Stephen Avenue (8th Avenue) looking east, Calgary, Alberta.
Riel rebellion telegram.
Holy Cross Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
View of Roman Catholic church and river at Battleford, Saskatchewan.
Sarcee camp near Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway gardens, Calgary, Alberta.
Milk River near its confluence with the Missouri.
Brackman-Ker Milling Company flour mill, Calgary, Alberta.
'Rubble Hill', residence of Doctor J. D. Lafferty, Calgary, Alberta.
Alberta Empress Company, Calgary, Alberta.
Langmore', the residence of W. R. Hull, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway gardens, Calgary, Alberta.
Rocky Mountain Development Company camp, Waterton area, Alberta.
Cameron Block, Calgary, Alberta.
Letter from George C. King, Fort Calgary, Alberta.
Letter from George C. King, Fort Calgary, Alberta.
Covered wagon on China Bar Bluff, Fraser River, British Columbia.
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Stephen Avenue (8th Avenue) in midwinter, Calgary, Alberta.
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