Soldiers of the 50th Battalion, Calgary, Alberta.
Three Stoney at Banff, Alberta.
Frederick B. Cooper with his children at Sarcee Army Camp, Calgary, Alberta.
Wallpaper display, Alberta.
Central Park [Memorial Park], Calgary, Alberta.
Dipping cattle for mange, Casleyville, Alberta.
Yak-domestic, Buffalo National Park near Wainwright, Alberta.
Farmer's picnic, Fort Macleod [Pearce area?], Alberta.
Mrs. Roy Beavers, Calgary, Alberta.
Crowd watching mine rescue and first aid contest, Banff, Alberta.
Pete Nielsen sitting on swather, Chancellor area, Alberta.
Alex McNab in automobile, Youngstown area, Alberta.
Grace L. Winter in garden, Calgary, Alberta.
Show horse and rider at Edmonton Exhibition, Edmonton, Alberta.
5009-1909 113
Hand powered railway turn-table at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
View of downtown Calgary, Alberta.
Irrigated alfalfa of Robert Biggar, 2nd cutting, SW 1/4 13-23-24-W4, Alberta.
5111-1566 113
A10908 113
Automobile travelling in Bow River Valley a few miles east of Lake Louise, Alberta.
The Church of the Latter Day Saints Temple [Mormon Temple], Cardston, Alberta.
Kennedy farm near Calgary, Alberta.
Construction of Imperial Oil Calgary Refinery, Ogden, Alberta.
Sykes Robinson riding 'Horn Toad' at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Sides of beef hanging from scaffolding at Springfield Ranch, Beynon, Alberta.
Drilling rig, Bow Island, Alberta.
'Pioneer' rail-laying machine, near Melville, Saskatchewan.
Railway locomotives, rotary snow plough at work in the mountains.
J. Burr Tyrrell about to leave Fort Churchill, Manitoba.
Kenways saddle and leather company, Calgary, Alberta.
Emblem of 175th Battalion, Medicine Hat, at Sarcee camp, Calgary, Alberta.
Medical convention, Edmonton, Alberta.
5002-2215 113
Airplane at night, Calgary, Alberta.
South Calgary, Alberta.
Great West Saddlery Company, Calgary, Alberta.
Hugh Long on 'Irish Linen', at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Interior of unknown restaurant, Lacombe, Alberta.
Market day, Pitcox, Alberta.
Pupils at Normal Practice school, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of Thomas A. Hatfield, Calgary, Alberta.
Staff Sergeant H. F. 'Earl' Hersey, Royal Canadian Signals Corps, Aklavik, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Major-General Sam Steele inspecting soldiers of the 50th Battalion, Calgary, Alberta.
Damaged mine cars, Alexo Coal Company Limited, Alexo, Alberta.
United Farmers of Alberta, Board of Directors, Calgary, Alberta.
Bronc rider at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Sarcee camp with Calgary, Alberta in background.
Construction of irrigation canal control drop, Turin, Alberta.
Sides of beef hanging from scaffolding at Springfield Ranch, Beynon, Alberta.
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