Vernon's Orchestra, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Vernon's Orchestra, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Great War Veterans Association event, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Vernon's Versatile Dance Orchestra en route with McClelland's Aircraft Show, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Orchestra in Palace theatre, Calgary, Alberta.
Bill Lauterbach, with orchestra
Mart Kenney's orchestra at Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta.
Calgary Citizen's Concert band, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Northwest Veterans Band on stage, Spokane, Washington.
Alberta Swing Orchestra
Frank Thorn's orchestra, Camrose, Alberta.
Orchestra at Carlton Hall, Edmonton, Alberta.
Shasta Orchestra, Edmonton, Alberta.
Frank Thorn's orchestra at high school dance, Camrose, Alberta.
Students Symphony Orchestra, Hopkins School of Music, Calgary, Alberta.
Students Symphony Orchestra, Hopkins School of Music, Calgary, Alberta.
Mrs. Elaine Dudley Smith, playing violin, Cardiff, Wales.
Orchestra on Prairie Circuit, Western Canada.
Canadian Legion War Services Inc., Military District 13, Alberta.
Sounds of music, 1931-1981 : a fifty-year history of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra
Mrs. John F. 'Ma' Trainor, Calgary, Alberta.
Nigel Harrington, Calgary, Alberta.
Edmonton Symphony
David Abel, Calgary, Alberta.
Capitol Symphony orchestra, Calgary, Alberta.
Henry Plukker, Calgary, Alberta.
Calgary Junior Philharmonic Orchestra, Calgary, Alberta.
Orchestra with Chautauqua at Gainsboro, Saskatchewan.
Henry Plukker, Calgary, Alberta.
Jack E. Mirtle, Calgary, Alberta.
Henry Plukker.
Canada's 8th Victory Loan promotion, Calgary, Alberta.
Dancers at Carlton Hall, Edmonton, Alberta.
Frank C. Simpson, Calgary, Alberta.
Symphony orchestra, Calgary, Alberta.
Edmonton Symphony Orchestra at Empire Theatre, Edmonton, Alberta.
Empress Grill Orchestra, Calgary, Alberta.
Singer Shirley Flock performing with Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Calgary, Alberta.
Massed Festival Choir at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede grounds, Calgary, Alberta.
Hungarian gypsy orchestra, Calgary, Alberta.
Mrs. John F. 'Ma' Trainor's orchestra, Calgary, Alberta.
Exhibition band and orchestra, Edmonton, Alberta.
Girls' mandolin orchestra, Hobbema reserve, Alberta.
Garden Party at Wood's Christian Home, Calgary, Alberta.
Jascha Galperin conducting Mount Royal College symphony orchestra, Calgary, Alberta.
Yaelo and Talman Herz at Calgary Philharmonic orchestra concert, Calgary, Alberta.
Hungarian gypsy orchestra, Calgary, Alberta.
CBC Presents: CBC Festival Orchestra, December 2, 1972
Edmonton Exhibition Band and Orchestra, Edmonton, Alberta.
Saxophone section, grandstand orchestra, Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
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