Le curé Labelle
Monument (cairn) erected to commemorate victims of Frog Lake Massacre, Frog Lake, Alberta.
Notice of death of Percy Giles
Dr. W. G. Anderson in front of Hansell Gordon 'Happy Jack' Jackson's grave, near Brooks, Alberta.
Golden (50th) Anniversary of Local Union 496, Plumbers, Calgary, Alberta.
The Fishery', Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories.
Wedding photograph of Kate and Bob Edwards.
Inuit prisoners Sinnisiak and Uluksuk in Edmonton, Alberta.
Teddy Bear', pioneer trading ship, Coronation Gulf, Northwest Territories.
Alaska', Bernard Harbour, Herschel Island, Yukon Territory.
Inuit drying salmon caught in stone traps, [Northwest Territories?].
Boat in Bernard Harbour, Herschel Island, Yukon Territory.
Herman' at Herschel Island, Yukon Territory.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Corporal Fleming, Exshaw, Alberta.
Man standing beside wood pile in winter, Dease Bay, Victoria Island, Northwest Territories.
Royal North-West Mounted Police barracks, Herschel Island, Yukon Territory.
Alaska' leaving Bernard Harbour, Herschel Island, Yukon Territory.
Historic Sites and Monuments Board cairn, Fort Steele, British Columbia.
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