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View S.S.W. across valley of Windy River to Windy hills (about 500')[...]
Trading post at mouth of Windy River looking North Nueltin Lake, N.W.Extremity, Nunavut
Miniature glacier on sloping bog near mouth of Little River.  The ice is approximently 4/2' thick & cross many acres Nueltin Lake, N.W. Extremity, Nunavut
Mouth of Windy River. Mountain cranberry in bloom - Nueltin Lake, N.W. Extremity, Nunavut
Near mouth of Windy River Pamala, Medicine man of the Upper Kazan River Inuit Nueltin Lake, N.W.Extremity, Nunavut
Barreu Ground caribou crossing a rapid on Little River 1/4 mile above the mouth. Does and Fawns with several Bucks N.W. Extremity of Nueltin Lake. S.W.Keewatin, Nunavut
Caribou Barreu ground Caribou Crossing Little River at the mouth.  Bucks with a few Does and Fawns N.W.Extremity of Nueltin Lake.  S.W. Keewatin, Nunavut
Caribou - Barreu Ground Caribou Crossing near mouth of Little River - Nueltin Lake N.W.Extremity, Nunavut