Life of Sir William E. Logan : chiefly compiled from his letters, journals and reports
The siege of Quebec and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham
Footsteps in time : Meota, Prince, Wing, Russell, Fitzgerald, Vyner, St. Michael, Jackfish Creek, Ness, Lavigne, Cochin, Murray Lake, Scentgrass, Glenrose, Moosomin, Saulteaux, Metinota
Township of South Dorchester, Township of Southwold, Township of Malahide, Township of Dunwich, Elgin County
Homestead Days at the Elbow, 1898-1910
Reinland : An Experience in Community
Shortgrass country : a history of Foremost and Nemiskam
Gleanings after pioneers and progress
1920-01-02 - 1923-11-09
James Wheeler Davidson scrapbook
Butternuts and Maple Sugar : some history of the old 14th of Lancaster Township, Glengarry County, Ontario (5th concession Lochiel)
McAlpine's Maritime Provinces Directory for 1870-71
System of practical medicine, Volume  IV : diseases of the genito-urinary and cutaneous systems : medical opthalmology, and otology, A
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