The coal mining industry in the Crow's Nest Pass
Yellowhead Pass and its People
Banff, Alberta, Bylaws, 1995
On the old Athabaska trail
Banff Alberta Bylaws 1998
Banff, Alberta, Bylaws, 1997
Pincher Creek, Alberta, Bylaws, 2001
Banff, Alberta, Bylaws, 2001
GEOG 307 F1983
Banff, Alberta, Bylaws, 1990
Canada and its provinces : a history of the Canadian peoples and their institutions. Volume 10, Section V : the Dominion : industrial expansion, Part II
Trooper and redskin in the far North-West : recollections of life in the North-West Mounted Police, Canada, 1884-1888
Report of Colonel Robertson-Ross, Adjt.-General of Militia : on the north-west provinces and territories of the Dominion
GEOG 511 F1994
Alberta Regulations 1975, part 2
These mountains are our sacred places: the story of the Stoney Indians
GEOG 511-02 F1986
Reform Party Assembly delegates' package
GEOG 511-01 F1986
Native mapping project
Lethbridge : Alberta's Golden Jubilee
Tatanga Mani: Walking Buffalo of the Stonies
Alberta History Cumulative Index, 1978-1991
Report on the Nordegg Coal Claims
Meet Southern Alberta
Adventurous Albertans : the women and men who built this province
Athabasca Landing
Alberta Journals, 1909, 1st Leg., 4th Sess.
The range men : the story of the ranchers and Indians of Alberta
Alberta Regulations 1977, part 2
Grain, grass, and gold fields of south-western Canada : Edmonton, Alberta, Canada : described as a mixed farming and mining country
Alberta Hansard, 1973, index
The Grain, grass and gold fields of south-western Canada
Alberta Gazette 1974
Alberta Gazette 1986, part 2
Ten Years of Trek
Alberta Gazette 1980, Part 2
Alberta Gazette 1970
Alberta Gazette 1964, part 1
Alberta Gazette 1963
Alberta Gazette 1985, Part 2
Conflict or cooperation? Blackfoot trade strategies, 1794-1815
Alberta Gazette 1971, part 2
Alberta Gazette 1979, Part 1
Strathcona : the railway town and manufacturing centre of northern Alberta
Statutes of Alberta 1982
Alberta Gazette 1978, part 2
Our North land
Alberta Gazette 1977, Part 1
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