Fiftieth anniversary of the Mennonite settlement in North Kildonan, 1928-1978 = Fünfzigjähriges Jubiläum der mennonitischen Ansiedlung in North Kildonan
The story of Kildonan Presbyterian Church  : 1851-1951 : commemorating the coming of John Black and the organization of the congregation
The streets of Winnipeg
An historical souvenir diary of the city of Winnipeg, Canada
Mennonites in Winnipeg
The Pantages : 75 Years unequalled entertainment, 1914-1989
Ten years in Winnipeg, a narration of the principal events in the history of the city of Winnipeg from the year A.D., 1870, to the year A.D., 1879, inclusive
The story of Number Four : being a brief summary of the happenings in St. John's Lodge, 1875 to 1950
The Making of the Canadian West : being the reminiscences of an eye-witness. 2nd ed.
First furrows : a history of the early settlement of the Red River country, including that of Portage la Prairie
Call 320 : a documentary record of the 1950 Manitoba flood and Red Cross activities in the disaster
Report (4th Annual, The Canadian Club of Winnipeg)
An Apple for the teacher : a centennial history of the Winnipeg School Division
The first winter : a Canadian chronicle
They stopped at a good place: a history of the Beausejour, Brokenhead, Garson and Tyndall area of Manitoba, 1875-1981
One University : a history of the University of Manitoba, 1877-1952
And so Ninette : 1879-1919
Tales of early Manitoba from the Winnipeg Free Press
A critical history of the Red River Insurrection, after official documents and non-Catholic sources.
History and folklore of the Whiteshell Park North : Lakes Brereton, Red Rock, Jessica, White, Big Whiteshell, Betula, Barrier Bay, Nutimik, Dorothy, Otter Falls, Eleanor, Pointe du Bois, George
The  golden thread, or, The last of the pioneers : a story of the districts of Basswood and Minnedosa, Manitoba : from community beginning to our present day, 1874 to 1970
Curling capital : Winnipeg and the roarin' game, 1876-1988
Proudly we speak : a history of the Rural Municipality of Woodworth
Twixt Hill and Vale : A Story of Rathwell and Surrounding District
Rockwood echoes : 90 years of progress, 1870-1960 : a history of the men and women who pioneered the Rockwood Municipality
The great lone land : the icongraphy of the Riel Rebellions, 1869 and 1885 : including an outline history of Manitoba and North West Canada
Riel's Red River revolt : the Manitoba saga
Louis Riel : un homme à pendre
Winnipeg Clinic quarterly. Vol. 20, no. 2 (Fall, 1967)
Rough times, 1870-1920: a souvenir of the 50th anniversary of the Red River Expedition and the formation of the Province of Manitoba
Women of Red River; being a book written from the recollections of women surviving from the Red River era
The romance of Western Canada
Bonesetters and others : pioneer orthopaedic surgeons
The birth of Western Canada; a history of the Riel rebellions
The Canadian North-West
The romantic settlement of Lord Selkirk's colonists : (the pioneers of Manitoba)
Pembina country : land of promise
A guide to the study of Manitoba local history
A short history of Manitoba
From rural parkland to urban centre : one hundred years of growth at the University of Manitoba, 1877 to 1977
Manitoba : landmarks and red letter days, 1610 to 1920
Bibliography of Manitoba from holdings in the Legislative Library of Manitoba
The Heart of the continent : being the history of Assiniboia--the truly typical Canadian community
The Selkird Settlement and the settlers
Vertical development : a new generation of Ukrainian Canadians
History of the North-West. Volume 2
Metis lands in Manitoba
In the Beginning ….
The story of Manitoba. Volume 3
The genealogy of the first Metis nation : the development and dispersal of the Red River Settlement, 1820-1900
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