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Gordon Marshand Aleut Steve Bezezekoff
Oldest ladies of village: Top L: Pauline Kruoff, Top R>: Virginia Kruhoff, BottomL: H. Sovoroff, Bottom R: Eva Chercasen. V.Kruhoff, Eastern Aleut, Eva Chercasen  Western Aleut.
Neo-Aleut  same information harpoon and spear heads[...]
Carved Ivory needles. Top:two are so old not recognized by Aleuts. Both decorated with faces, Janus-head on top,single face on second. Third used for lacing skin over deck of Kayaks.
Eva Chercasen chief midwife and Doctor of Village wearing Aleut skin pants (sealion gullet),skin boots of sealion gullet & flipper hide.Garments now rarely worn
L.toR. Pauline Krukoff, Eva Chercasen(Umnakers), Virginia Krukoff(Attuan)
View south over Nikolski Village from schoolhouse roof. Orthodox Church and freshwater lake in background.Large house in foreground unoccupied through dwindling populations
Eva Chercasen wearing pants of seal throat
L.Sergie Krukoff. R. Willie Talanoff
Neo-Aleut harpoon and spear heads[...]
Native girl, Olga Talanoff wearing bucket-yoke carved from drifwood.
Paleo-Aleut pieces Figure is Kagafagax (image of God)
G. Berenkoff,W.S. Laughlin,Helen Sovoroff(child) Alexis Ermehoff, by excavation
Humpbacked salmon on hook. Hookalso used for seals killed at sea
Dr. Laughlin takin anthropometric measurements on Aleut boy,Mike Bezekoff. Alann G. May of Wenatchee, Wash. Records.
Paleo-Aleut harpoon and spear heads showing typical imbalance of barbs in earlier periods.
Paleo-Aleut decorated harpoon heads.Showing drilled and reamed holes. Right-hand one with imbalanced barbs characteristic of earliest layers.
Laughlin Assistants helping excavation: L. to R.Peter Dushkinn,Nick Chercasen,Henry Krukoff,Sergie Ermeloff,Arnold Dushkin,Olga Talanoff. Henry Krukoff's narrow face shows relation to Western Aleur
Early stages of excavation. Laughlin aided by Aleut assistants
Augusta Dushkui, baby daughter, youngest in village and son Willie