Alexander Lucas, editor of Calgary Herald newspaper.
Group of newspaper editors.
The Gateway staff, 1927-1928, Edmonton, Alberta.
The Gateway, staff portraits, 1925-1926, Edmonton, Alberta.
Doug Wertheimer, editor, Jewish Star newspaper, Calgary, Alberta.
The Gateway Staff, 1928-1929, Edmonton, Alberta.
Doug Wertheimer, editor, Jewish Star newspaper, Calgary, Alberta.
Alf Terrill, editor of Medicine Hat News, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Allan Early, Calgary, Alberta.
Analecta yearbook staff, Central Collegiate Institute, Calgary, Alberta.
Printing press of the Castor Advance, Castor, Alberta.
D. J. Young, city editor, Calgary Herald, Calgary, Alberta.
Ken Patridge reading weekly newspaper, The Canadian, Camrose, Alberta.
Staff members, Calgary Herald, Calgary, Alberta.
Office of newspaper, 'Castor Advance', Coronation, Alberta.
Richard C. Laurie, Battleford, Saskatchewan.
Interior of The Flare newspaper building, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Robert C. 'Bob' Edwards, Calgary, Alberta.
George Stewart, Jr. : nineteenth-century Canadian man of letters
Sam Hodson, Okotoks, Alberta.
Canadian Weekly Newspapers Association European Tour, England.
Ed Grah, Calgary, Alberta.
Maritime stage. Number one: Saint John, 1789-1899
James H. Woods, Calgary, Alberta.
Jack Nightscales, Calgary, Alberta.
Interior of the High River Times newspaper building, High River, Alberta.
Elly MacKenzie, Erica Fraser and Stuart Peters - Scarlett Fever editors
Bob Edwards next to a copy of the Eye Opener newpaper, Calgary, Alberta.
Edward Pulford, Calgary, Alberta.
Staff of the 'Gateway' University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.
Frank McCool and Canadian Football League executives, Calgary, Alberta.
Too soon the curtain fell : a history of theatre in Saint John, 1789-1900
Joe Clark with his parents, Grace Clark and Charles A. Clark.
'The Nutcracker' newspaper, Calgary, Alberta.
Frank Whiteside at the Castor Advance, Castor, Alberta.
Macleod Gazette building, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Les Rowland, Calgary, Alberta.
Mrs. E. Cora Hind, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
History of the McDowell Theatre Company, 1872-1893, A
The Flare newspaper building, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Three generations of the Clark family, High River, Alberta.
Stephen Downes - The Gauntlet
'The Western Independent' newspaper, Calgary, Alberta.
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