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Basement floor of Eaton's store, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Evening ceremony at the Saskatoon Industrial exhibition, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Miss Doris Braithwaite, Baldwinton, Saskatchewan.
Gravel crushing outfit, Saskatchewan.
Agricultural exhibits shown by municipalities at the Saskatoon Industrial exhibition, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
All Saints Anglican church, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Saskatchewan Co-operative Creameries building, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
View of the Dominion Motor Car Company, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
School for the deaf and dumb, under construction, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Montrose Court apartment building, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Government grain elevator under construction, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Parade along Avenue A, S, annual Travellers Day parade, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Parade along 3rd Avenue S, in annual Travellers Day parade, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Olds School of Agriculture field day, Olds, Alberta.
Experimental farm.
Electrical Industries Limited, booth at Edmonton Exhibition, Edmonton, Alberta.
Hudson's Bay Company, window display, Edmonton, Alberta.
Line-up of automobiles, Premier Motors Limited, Edmonton, Alberta.
Group photograph at the Great West Bible Institute, Edmonton, Alberta.
Jasper Avenue looking East, Edmonton, Alberta.
Dresser manufactured by Dominion Furniture, Edmonton, Alberta.
Interior of store, Edmonton, Alberta.
Palace Meat Market, Edmonton, Alberta.
Corner of 101st Street and Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta.
Pantages Theatre building, Edmonton, Alberta.