Répertoire des données musicales de la presse québécoise. Tome I : Canada. Volume 2 : 1800-1824 : les divertissements urbains : confrontation de deux cultures
Sources de l'histoire du Saguenay- Lac-Saint-Jean. Tome 3 : guide bibliographique
La famille Painchaud (de Québec): deux siècles de mémoire
Histoire du Saguenay depuis les origines jusqu'à 1870
De Québec au Lac Saint-Jean: ou, Sentiers des Laurentides, Sentiers des Amérindiens, Sentiers des Jésuites, 1678-1703
Sources de l'histoire du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. Tome 1 : inventaire des archives paroissiales
Mont-Louis se raconte...
L' aventure Louis Hémon
Biomimicry and Butterflies [Audio file text]
La fonction commerciale à Place-Royale 1760-1820, annexes 1 et 2
Anthropological approaches to the study of ethnicity
Stony Plain AB. Bylaws Inactive Land Use Order Book 1 1969-1984
Winnipeg Clinic quarterly. Vol. 1, no. 2 (December, 1948)
A History of Saskatchewan Co-operative Law : 1900 to 1960.
Letter from Peter Kyne to Winnifred Reeve, January 21, 1924
Gauntlet, Volume 023, Number 034
Les Cahiers des Dix. Volume 37
The steps to freedom : the history of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council
Gauntlet, Volume 023, Number 017
Honorable Movie Takee Sojin [article]
Gauntlet, Volume 023, Number 026
Love and Millions : Gold - Third Installment [draft]
Screenplay adaptation of "The Japanese Honour" by Paul Anthelme : Act II [revised draft, scenarios]
Guide to funding sources for scholars in the humanities
Mississippi Gambler [outline, notes, draft]
What Men Want [typescript draft]
Leitungsbahnen im Gehirn und Rückenmark, Die
What Men Want [typescript draft]
Screenplay adaptation of "The Japanese Honour" by Paul Anthelme : Act V [drafts]
The Man from Canada [synopsis]
His Royal Nibs [manuscript draft]
Screenplay adaptation of "The Japanese Honour" by Paul Anthelme [variant synopsis]
Adaptation of "Tama" by Onoto Watanna [draft, scenarios]
The Devil"s Whirlpool [synopsis, outline]
Visages du vieux Trois-Rivières
University of Calgary research inventory 1972
Hollywood Melody [revised draft]
Magazine articles
Bad Penny by William Anthony McGuire [partial drafts]
The Wolf of Wall Street [early draft]
Cowboy research
Screenplay adaptation of "Unclean!" by John McDermott [draft]
How Frenchmen Make Love [article]
Second Honeymoon [revised drafts]
Barbary Coast [synopsis, draft]
Histoire de la population canadienne-française
Movie Madness : Part II
What Happened to Hayakawa [article]
Screenplay adaptation of "The Japanese Honour" by Paul Anthelme [variant draft photocopy]
A review of "Demographic and enrolment trends and data"
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