General office at Victoria Park, Calgary, Alberta.
Land Titles Office, Calgary, Alberta.
William A. Denby house, Calgary, Alberta.
Printing butter by hand, Kneehill Creamery, Alberta.
Al Azhar Temple, Calgary, Alberta.
William A. Denby house, Calgary, Alberta.
G. F. and J. Galt Limited, Calgary, Alberta.
W. H. Cushing house, Calgary, Alberta.
Biomimicry and Tigers [Audio file text]
Biomimicry and Burrowing Owls [Audio file text]
Pastor Halvorson looking at survey stake in search of his homestead, near Shelburne, Alberta.
Biomimicry and Swift Foxes [Audio file text]
Biomimicry and Whooping Cranes [Audio file text]
Biomimicry and Hippos [Audio file text]
Biomimicry and Porcupines [Audio file text]
Prince of Wales with service officials, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Biomimicry and Giraffes [Audio file text]
Biomimicry and Flamingos [Audio file text]
Biomimicry and Northern Leopard Frogs [Audio file text]
Biomimicry and Butterflies [Audio file text]
Auto polo contest, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Duck Chief, Blackfoot reserve, Alberta.
Prince of Wales greeting Royal North-West Mounted Police officials, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Cardiff Collieries Ltd. Mine, Cardiff, Alberta.
Mount Rundle, Banff, Alberta.
Biomimicry and Lions [Audio Text File]
Biomimicry and Marmots [Audio Text File]
Biomimicry and Kingfishers [Audio File Text]
Osmia melanosmia_sp4
Osmia melanosmia_sp4
Osmia melanosmia_sp4
Boxing contest, Saskatoon Stampede, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Parade on Rose Street, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Prince of Wales taking salute, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Prince of Wales with platform party, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Group parading with banner 'Hail to the Redemption of Israel', Rose Street, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Silver fox at Parkhill ranch, near Calgary, Alberta.
Roping a horse at full speed, Saskatoon Stampede, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Roping a horse, Saskatoon Stampede, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Bronc riding, Saskatoon Stampede, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Trick roping, Saskatoon Stampede, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Royal North-West Mounted Police horse training, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Prince of Wales talking to member of pipe band, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Prince of Wales, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Prince of Wales inspecting Boy Scouts, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Prince of Wales at park, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
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