House and farm, New Dayton, Alberta.
Dan White and sister Elizabeth (Mrs. Clifford T. Jones).
McClary Manufacturing Company, Calgary, Alberta.
Bandstand on original Canadian Pacific Railway Hotel, Banff, Alberta.
Falls near Rogers Pass, British Columbia.
Old Catholic church, Banff, Alberta.
Camp by Cascade river, near Banff, Alberta.
Amos Big Stoney and family from Stoney reserve, Alberta.
Shack built by McCabe and McCardell, Banff, Alberta.
Silver City and Castle Mountain, Alberta.
Old Spray river bridge, Banff, Alberta.
First Banff Springs Hotel (Canadian Pacific Railway), Banff, Alberta.
Bow Falls, Banff, Alberta.
McClary Manufacturing Company, Calgary, Alberta.
Walter P. Fulmer, Banff, Alberta.
Building at Cave and Basin, Banff, Alberta.
View of Bow River bridge and Sanatorium, Banff, Alberta.
Robertson Presbyterian Church, 123rd Street, Edmonton, Alberta.
Lynx Street, Banff, Alberta.
Woodworth ranch, Banff, Alberta.
View of Banff, Alberta.
Horse treadmill used in threshing, Big Hill Creek, Alberta.
Ice palace, Banff, Alberta.
Banff Avenue, Banff, Alberta.
Furs trapped by George Perrenoud, Cochrane, Alberta.
Buffalo in Banff National Park, Alberta.
Grandstands, Cochrane, Alberta.
Beam house, Cochrane, Alberta.
Mortimer Coulee on Ernest Perrenoud's ranch, Cochrane, Alberta.
Swimmer in Cave and Basin swimming pool (hot springs), Banff, Alberta.
John Phipps ranch on Horse Creek, near Cochrane, Alberta.
Unidentified horse and rider, Cochrane, Alberta.
Cowboys at Perrenoud's ranch, Cochrane, Alberta.
Cochrane, Alberta.
Horse-drawn sleigh outside Perrenoud house, Cochrane, Alberta.
Boat house, Banff, Alberta.
Charles Perrenoud's lynx, Perrenoud ranch, Cochrane, Alberta.
Buildings on Main Street, Cochrane, Alberta.
Rainstorm at Cochrane, Alberta.
William Haig's ranch on Horse Creek, near Cochrane, Alberta.
Early residents of Banff, Alberta.
1920-1945 : Académie du Sacré-Coeur dirigée par les Frères de St-Gabriel à St-Romuald
Portrait of Morley Beaver and family.
Documents officiels et remarques en rapport avec l'École Supérieure de Commerce de Québec, l'Université Laval et l'Honorable Taschereau, premier-ministre de la province de Québec.
Alberta Gazette 1988, Part 2
Toronto, as it was and is : a graphic historical sketch of the city of Toronto together with a concise account of the War of 1812-1814, the Mackenzie Rebellion and the Fenian Raid
Colinton & districts : yesterday & today
Rocky View, AB., Bylaws, 1968
LAW 613 F2004
Coronation, Alberta, Bylaws, 1955
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