Woman on horseback at Calgary Stampede grounds, Calgary, Alberta.
Wainwright, Alberta.
Threshing outfit, near Lethbridge, Alberta.
Biomimicry and Camels [Audio file text]
Wainwright, Alberta.
Biomimicry and Swift Foxes [Audio file text]
Biomimicry and Meerkats [Audio file text]
Biomimicry and Whooping Cranes [Audio file text]
Biomimicry and Tigers [Audio file text]
Cabin in rural area, Alberta.
Biomimicry and Burrowing Owls [Audio file text]
Biomimicry and Giraffes [Audio file text]
Biomimicry and Butterflies [Audio file text]
Fishermen with catch, Alberta.
Biomimicry and Northern Leopard Frogs [Audio file text]
Digging train out of snowdrift in winter.
Biomimicry and Flamingos [Audio file text]
Biomimicry and Hippos [Audio file text]
Trefoil Ranch, owned by Billy Hyde, Willow Creek, Alberta.
Biomimicry and Gorillas [Audio file text]
First Nations women's horse race at Calgary exhibition grounds, Calgary, Alberta.
Biomimicry and Moths [Audio file text]
Sacred Heart Church, Calgary, Alberta.
Biomimicry and Penguins [Audio file text]
Various buildings, Wainwright, Alberta.
Rectory, Oblate Order, Calgary, Alberta.
Biomimicry and Lions [Audio Text File]
Close view of buffalo in Buffalo National Park near Wainwright, Alberta.
Cricket players, Calgary, Alberta.
Wainwright Station and Grand Trunk Pacific train, view of town in background, Wainwright, Alberta.
Biomimicry and Kingfishers [Audio File Text]
Biomimicry and Marmots [Audio Text File]
Dominion Day celebration at Bosmans home, near Round Hill, Alberta.
Street during flood, High River, Alberta.
Biomimicry and Porcupines [Audio file text]
Biomimicry and Rocky Mountain Goats [Audio file text]
Train yard with Wainwright in background, Wainwright, Alberta.
Biomimicry and Fishers
W. Stuart and Company, lumber, wood and coal shop, Crossfield, Alberta.
Steer hitched to buggy, Wainwright, Alberta.
Threshing, probably Alberta?
Dining room of Theodore Thompson house, Hillhurst district, Calgary, Alberta.
Three Sisters, Canmore, Alberta.
Dairy herd in central Alberta.
Jim Starlight, Tsuut'ina reserve, Alberta.
Prairies near Cochrane, Alberta.
Preston Manning's Speeches, 1996
Preston Manning's Speeches, 1991
Doris Biggs, posed on a chair, Springfield Ranch, Beynon, Alberta.
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