Picnic, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Interior of showroom and office of Western Foundry and Metal Company, Calgary, Alberta.
Man with axe in woods near Springfield Ranch, Beynon, Alberta.
Winter view of Springfield Ranch, Beynon, Alberta.
Man with dog and horse.
Clouds over mountains from road near Rufus Kimpton home, Windermere, British Columbia.
Cadets marching in Alberta Provincial Exhibition parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Union College, Lacombe area, Alberta.
Stampede Parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Main Street [104th Street], south side, Edmonton, Alberta.
Couple singing holding hymn book, Alberta.
104th Street (Main Street), Edmonton, Alberta.
Drumheller Municipal Hospital, Drumheller, Alberta.
R.B. Bennett.
Drumheller Hospital, Drumheller, Alberta.
Elizabethan restaurant, Hudson's Bay Company store, Calgary, Alberta.
Hospital at Drumheller, Alberta.
A History of Saskatchewan Co-operative Law : 1900 to 1960.
Grand Trunk Pacific freight sheds and box cars, Edmonton, Alberta.
Interior of Bijou Theatre, Edmonton South, Alberta.
Cattle in corrals at Drowning Ford Ranch, north of Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Construction of High Level Bridge, Edmonton, Alberta.
Peace River, Alberta.
Legislative Buildings decorated with lights for visit of Duke of Connaught, Edmonton, Alberta.
B.P. #2 Oil well,Edmonton, Alberta.
Merchants Bank, Edmonton, Alberta.
Nakamun Asphalt Company well, on the shores of Lake Nakamun, Alberta.
Mayfair Golf clubhouse, Edmonton, Alberta.
Distant view of Peace River, Alberta.
Settlers cabin near Peace River, Alberta.
Peace River, Alberta.
Fire Hall No. 2, Edmonton, Alberta.
Incline railway, Edmonton, Alberta.
Street in Peace River, Alberta.
CJCA/Edmonton Journal 'Igloo Hut Eskimos', Edmonton, Alberta.
Unidentified man.
Northern Alberta Natural Gas Development Company crew, Viking #2 well, Viking, Alberta.
Doctor George W. Kerby.
Fire Hall No. 2, Edmonton, Alberta.
Unidentified. Edmonton, Alberta.
Empress Theatre display 'Peacock Alley', Edmonton, Alberta.
101st Battalion at Canadian Pacific Railway station, Edmonton, Alberta.
Ernest Brown block, Edmonton, Alberta.
Father Lacombe memorial, Edmonton, Alberta.
Cattle for export from Beaverlodge at Edmonton, Alberta.
Cattle for export from Beaverlodge at Edmonton, Alberta.
Children's Aid home, Edmonton, Alberta.
General Electric Company product, Edmonton, Alberta.
J.W. Hefferman, Edmonton, Alberta.
Buffalo at Edmonton Zoo, Edmonton, Alberta.
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