The fight in the Beechwoods: a study in Canadian history
Railways of Canada : their cost, amounts of aid given in cash and land, &c., compiled from latest authorities
The Founding of Kamloops: a story of 100 years ago
Major-General Richard Montgomery
The Hydah mission, Queen Charlotte's Islands : an account of the mission and people, with a descriptive letter
Biography of Roderick Finlayson
British Columbia gold mines: a paper read before the Liverpool Geological Association
Sedgewick sentinel : a history of Sedgewick and surrounding district
A centenary study : Upper Canada : a paper read before the Lundy's Lane Historical Society
Historical sketch of the St. John Grammar School from its establishment in 1805 to 1884
Souvenir, 1861-1911 : jubilee of the introduction of Presbyterianism in British Columbia and the organization of the First Presbyterian Church, Victoria, B.C., Victoria, B.C., June 25th, 1911
Our Indian missions in British Columbia
Bella Bella transformed
Dates lévisiennes. Volume 10, appendice
Biomimicry and Marmots [Audio Text File]
Biomimicry and Gorillas [Audio file text]
The Bawlf Sun 1907-09-13 - 1911-11-10
Abridged political history of Rieka (Fiume) : (with a facsimile)
Les Cahiers des Dix. Volume 41
If one were to write a history : selected writings
Avis, proclamations & nouvelles de guerre Allemands affiche?s a? Bruxelles [publiés en Belgique] pendant l'occupation, Les
Love and Millions : Gold - Third Installment [draft]
Draba praealta Greene
Alisma gramineum Lejeune
Salix pseudomyrsinites Andersson
Lobelia spicata Lamarck var. spicata
Achillea alpina Linnaeus
Eleocharis engelmannii Steudel
Polygonum aviculare Linnaeus subsp. aviculare
A History of Saskatchewan Co-operative Law : 1900 to 1960.
Draba nemorosa var. leiocarpa Lindblom
Gentiana affinis Grisebach
Lactuca serriola Linnaeus
Hordeum vulgare Linnaeus
Veronica agrestis Linnaeus
Guidelines for design of university facilities
Oenothera biennis Linnaeus
Botrychium lunaria (Linnaeus) Swartz
Mirabilis linearis (Pursh) Heimerl
Helianthus nuttallii Torrey & A. Gray subsp. nuttallii
Neslia paniculata (Linnaeus) Desvaux
Oryzopsis asperifolia Michaux
Mentzelia decapetala (Pursh) Urban
Quercus macrocarpa Michaux
Orobanche fasciculata Nuttall
Atriplex patula Linnaeus
Equisetum sylvaticum Linnaeus
Linaria maroccana Hooker f.
Department of Biology faculty publications, 1978-1982
The International Centre international directory, second edition January 1997
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