Longest team in the world participating in Calgary Exhibition and Stampede parade.
Prince of Wales and George Lane.
Onoway AB. Bylaws Repealed 176-299
What a Man Does for Love: a Play in Four Acts : Act II [draft, scenarios]
Safari campsite, Africa.
You Can't Run Away From Yourself [revised drafts]
Mrs. A. E. Cross laying cornerstone for new office building at Calgary Brewery, Calgary, Alberta.
Mississippi Gambler [outline, notes, draft]
Sunny San [treatment draft]
La ville de Québec: histoire municipale : IV : de la Confédération à la charte de 1929
Indian Summer [revises partial synopsis]
The Heart Breaker [synopsis]
Adaptation of Shanghai Lady from "Drifting" by John Colton [draft]
Adaptation of Shanghai Lady from "Drifting" by John Colton [draft photocopy]
Letters between Winnifred Reeve and L. E. Whicher, 1930-1935
Me : A Novel Written Anonymously [screenplay adaptation review by Phelps Decker]
Movie Madness [manuscript]
What Men Want [typescript draft]
What a Man Does for Love: a Play in Four Acts : Act IV [variant drafts]
Sunny San [drafts, scenarios]
The Wrench of Chance [story draft, note]
Undertow - adaptation of "Ropes" by Wilbur Daniel Steele [draft, scenarios]
What Men Want [typescript draft]
Love and Millions : The Girl and Her Money [partial synopsis]
Verse by Onoto Watanna [drafts]
Movie Madness : Part III
The Reformer newspaper
Movie Madness [manuscript]
Screenplay adaptation of "The Japanese Honour" by Paul Anthelme [variant draft]
Barbary Coast [treatment draft]
Spruce Grove, AB., Bylaws, Index, Rescinded
Second Honeymoon [revised drafts]
Correspondence between N. L. Amster and Winnifred Reeve, 1922-1934
La Tata [drafts]
Annual Report 1971–1972, University of Calgary
Samuel Champlain : fondateur de Québec et père de la Nouvelle-France : histoire de sa vie et de ses voyages. Volume 1
Janet's Family [revised draft]
Les Ursulines de Québec depuis leur établissement jusqu'à nos jours. Tome 1
Coyotes [revised drafts]
Letters between Colonel William Nicholas Selig and Winnifred Reeve, 1934-1935
Me : A Book of Remembrance [screenplay draft]
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