First Nations and horses in Stampede Parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Inuit and member of Royal North-West Mounted Police butchering cariboo, somewhere between Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories and Dawson, Yukon Territory.
Barney Oldfield racing in his Benz car, Shepard, Alberta.
Dr. D. Gow and fellow member of Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies in camp at base of Mount Assiniboine, Alberta.
North-West Mounted Police 'H' troop band at Roman Catholic Church picnic, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Threshing crew, Barons area, Alberta.
Jerry Potts with rifle, Alberta.
Visitors at polo gymkhana, Roo Dee ranch, near Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Polo team at Roo Dee ranch near Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Visitors at the polo gymkhana, Roo Dee Ranch, near Pincher creek, Alberta.
Walter Jarrat.
Challenge cup, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Dr. George D. Mills at his home, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Joseph and Catherine Hogge, Davisburg, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs.Hunter.
South Fork trading post, Pekisko, Alberta.
Panoramic view of Calgary, Alberta.
W.C. Standish Junior with son William.
Standish family members.
Buyer's cars at horse sale, Hogge ranch, Davisburg, Alberta.
Okotoks, Alberta.
Catherine Hogge, on ranch, with turkeys, Davisburg, Alberta.
Flood at Okotoks, Alberta.
First Orangemen's parade, Okotoks, Alberta.
Duncan Cameron, High River area, Alberta.
Frank Slide, Frank, Alberta.
North-West Mounted Police escort for the Duke of York, Oak Bay, Victoria, British Columbia.
North-West Mounted Police barracks, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Mrs. Standish, wife of William Standish.
Bull teams and Fort Macleod stage, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Gavin Findlay, High River area, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Riley, High River, Alberta.
Robert Findlay Senior, High River area, Alberta.
Ice skating, Okotoks, Alberta.
Hogge ranch, Davisburg, Alberta.
Horses on the ranch of Joseph Hogge, Davisburg, Alberta.
Horses on the ranch of Joseph Hogge, Davisburg, Alberta.
Joseph Hogge, harvesting on ranch at Davisburg, Alberta.
Inspection of Royal North-West Mounted Police officers by Prince of Wales, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Astoria Hotel, High River, Alberta.
Joseph W. Short, High River area, Alberta.
Bloods at Fort Whoop-up, Alberta.
Ladies hockey team, Okotoks, Alberta.
Crop ready to be harvested on Marsden family farm, Gartly area, Alberta.
Polo team at Roo Dee ranch near Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Thomas Findlay, High River area, Alberta.
North-West Mounted Police parade, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Québecensia : vol. 9 : 1988
Threshing, Barons area, Alberta.
Hangars at Camp Borden, Ontario.
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