Beef cattle for Strathmore market, Alberta.
Swastika siphon, 28 inches diameter, 470 feet long, 55 foot head, creosoted wood stove pipe, Swastika area, Alberta.
Drop number 1 main canal, discharging 1400 feet per second, SE 1/4 A-24-28-W4, Alberta.
Swastika siphon outlet, 28 inch creosoted wood stove pipe, 470 feet long, 55 foot head, Swastika area, Alberta.
Concrete diffusion chamber discharging 380 feet per second, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Headworks and weir from the dike, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
McElroy's rock weir, 'B' and 'C' canal, discharging 700 feet per second, 26-24-28-W4, Alberta.
Blasting steel cofferdam at headworks, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Headquarters Office, Western Section, Canadian Pacific Railway, Irrigation block, Strathmore, Alberta.
Brush and rock rip rap, main canal, Western section, 30-23-28-W4, Alberta.
Dragline on south Gleichen canal resloping, Alberta.
Completed McElroy bridge on B and C canal between 25 and 26-24-28- W4, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Jack McMullar crew driving piler, Taber B1 bridge between 36 and 31-24-28-W4, Secondary B canal, Alberta.
18 inch metal flume across D spillway channel, SW 1/4 33-23-22-W4, Gleichen, Alberta.
27 inch concrete pipe inclined drop, 35-26-23-W4, Rockyford, Alberta.
Wheat on fall irrigated land W 1/2 22-24-22-W4, Alberta.
Glenrose canal lining, Western section, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Drop number 2, Secondary Canal 'A' in 2-24-28-W4, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Repaired drop Number C1 discharging 200 feet per second, 36-24-28-W4, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Tea house in the Canadian Rockies, [Alberta or British Columbia].
Slim Watrin on 'Maggie', at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Bob Crosby decorating a steer, at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Girls playing with football, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Doukhobors marching into Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Paroisse de Charlesbourg
They stopped at a good place: a history of the Beausejour, Brokenhead, Garson and Tyndall area of Manitoba, 1875-1981
Gauntlet, Volume 014, Number 035
A History of Seneca.
First Nations children at the Roman Catholic Mission, Aklavik, Northwest Territories.
Ice jam at the Cushing bridge, Calgary, Alberta.
A. P. Von Aueberg, Superintendent, Edmonton Exhibition park, Edmonton, Alberta.
Report on research activity indicators at the University of Calgary
Covered buggy with four-horse team at Edmonton Exhibition, Edmonton, Alberta.
Les Cahiers des Dix. Volume 39
Salvation Army Citadel, Edmonton, Alberta.
Telecom 2001: a strategic forecast - alternative futures: the Canadian telecommunications carriage industry, 1990-2001
Les Cahiers des Dix. Volume 28
Heimstätter : ein deutsches schicksal in Kanada, Die
Le four à pain à Québec, aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles. Volume 1
La propriété militaire dans la ville de Québec, 1760-1871
St. Nazaire to Singapore : the Canadian amphibious war, 1941-1945. Volume 2
6th annual Alberta C. S. E. T. Boys' Parliament, [Tuxis], December 28, 29, 30, 1925, Edmonton, Alberta.
Louis Riel : a bibliography
1986 annual report Department of Pathology, University of Calgary and Department of Histopathology, Foothills Hospital
From sod to solar : Fielding, Lilac, Maymont, Ruddell.
1984 annual report Department of Pathology, University of Calgary and Department of Histopathology, Foothills Hospital
County of Huron, Kincardine and Lucknow directory
The bulletin of the British Columbia Board of Health. Vol. 3, no. 13 (September, 1933)
St. Albert, Alberta, Bylaws, 1987
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