Kitchener wheat of J. A. Cammaert, yield 61 bushels per acre, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Girls playing with football, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Caterpillar engine and 4 binders, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Fourth annual staff meeting of Canadian Pacific Railway western irrigation district, Strathmore, Alberta.
Doctor Giffens, 15 acres Alfalfa second cutting, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Residence of Christensen, 15-22-25-W4, Strangmuir, Alberta.
Alfalfa field at Winona headquarters, second cutting on 15 acres, Alberta.
Wheat yield 60 bushels per acre on SW 1/4 26-22-22-W4, Alberta.
Carleton Watermaster's headquarters, SW 1/4 15-26-27-W4, Alberta.
Irrigated wheat and barley of J. B. Johannsen, E 1/2 15-24-22, Alberta.
Irrigated oats and sweet clover, J. E. Bell, SW 1/4 15-23-22-W4, Gleichen, Alberta.
Carleton Watermaster's headquarters, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Irrigation ditch and irrigated barley field of L. H. Laveridsen, Craigantler district, Alberta.
Residence of P. A. Anderson, Winona district, 15-26-24-W4, Alberta.
Irrigated wheat and barley of J. B. Johansen, Craigantler, E 1/2 15-24-22-W4, Alberta.
Standard barn at Carleton headquarters, SW 1/4 15-26-27-W4, Alberta.
O and M camp outfit starting for Gleichen, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Elevating grade on irrigation reservoir, Gleichen, Alberta.
Replacing timber drop 9A with rock drop, Secondary A canal, Strathmore district, NW 1/4 15-24-25-W4, Alberta.
Department of Natural Resources excavator, Gleichen district, Alberta.
Wheat yield 70 bushels per acre on SE 1/4 14-22-22-W4, Alberta.
Fourth annual meeting of staff at Strathmore, Alberta.
Department of Natural Resources excavator number 15 on Glenrose canal, NW 1/4 21-25-23-W4, Alberta.
Dragline cleaning silt from the north Gleichen canal, NE 1/4 2-23-22-W4, Alberta.
Building dam for Gleichen water system reservoir, Alberta.
Fall irrigated wheat of J. E. Bell, SW 1/4 15-23-22-W4, Gleichen, Alberta.
16 1/2 foot Holt combine and 15-27 tractor of H. Scheer, Crowfoot district, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway excavator number 2 on south Cluny canal, Alberta.
Flume and division gate, Glenrose spillway number 1, NE 1/4 15-25-24-W4, Alberta.
Threshing oats, Crowfoot headquarters, Alberta.
Pilot and gunner in Curtiss Jenny aircraft, Camp Borden, Ontario.
Paroisse de Charlesbourg
They stopped at a good place: a history of the Beausejour, Brokenhead, Garson and Tyndall area of Manitoba, 1875-1981
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