Prospectors launching a boat on the Yukon River, Yukon Territory.
White's Creek bridge and Fraser canyon, near Spuzzum, British Columbia.
George Scott shack on Fish Creek, Alberta
National Harbour Board railway locomotive 202, Vancouver, British Columbia.
North-West Mounted Policeman post, Writing-On-Stone, Alberta.
Aerial view of Alberta Children's Hospital and area, Calgary, Alberta.
Haying crew at lunch in Buffalo National Park near Wainwright, Alberta.
Empire Theatre, Edmonton, Alberta.
Workers return to Burns and Company after strike, Calgary, Alberta.
Open water, Slave River, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Letter from Argus Pressclipping Bureau to [Charles F. Gray]?
Four-house Percheron team at Edmonton Exhibition, Edmonton, Alberta.
Letter from C. J. Brown to Charles F. Gray, July 22nd, 1919
Armoury, Edmonton, Alberta.
La fonction résidentielle à Place-Royale, 1760-1820, annexes 1 to 6
Report on Employees on Strike in the Fire Department
First shipment of cattle to Burns and Company after strike, Calgary, Alberta.
Stoney scraping hide on Morley reserve, Alberta.
Mrs. John McDougall, Morley, Alberta.
Mark Poucette, Stoney
John Niddrie and George McDougall junior, Morley, Alberta.
Letter from Charles F. Gray to Acting Chief Newton, June 25th, 1919
Aerial view showing Lafarge Canada gravel pit in northwest Calgary, Alberta.
Doctor Egerton Ryerson, Methodist minister.
Winnipeg Clinic quarterly. Vol. 2, no. 3 (September, 1949)
Calgary theatricals, Alberta.
Construction of Alberta Hotel, Calgary, Alberta.
Buffalo hunting scene.
Wooden irrigation flume near Stirling, Alberta.
Mrs. Margaret 'Gretchen' Pearce, Calgary, Alberta.
St. Andrew's Anglican church, Red River, Manitoba.
St. John's Oblate College, Edmonton, Alberta.
Saturday Night--"The Paper Worth While", Nov. 6th, 1919 [photocopy]
prairie scene. Lethbridge area.
George W. Pocaterra, Pocaterra valley, Kananaskis, Alberta.
Officers of 2nd Battalion, Canadian Machine Gun Corps, Floreffe, Belgium.
Helen Carlyle and Stallion 'Tiny', EP Ranch, Pekisko, Alberta.
Mr. Inkster's house and farm buildings, Red River Settlement, Manitoba.
Report on City Engineer's Department Employees Who Went on Strike
University of Alberta Glee Club, Edmonton, Alberta.
Prairie chicken shoot, southern Alberta.
Irrigation flume, southern Alberta.
Old courthouse on 4th Street SW, Calgary, Alberta.
Report on Operating Superintendent Water Works Department Employees Who Went on Strike
Gauntlet Summer Edition, Volume 010, Number 003
Essay on wasting palsy (Cruveilhier's atrophy), An
Charlie Parker, North-West Mounted Police.
Track laying for Kootenay central railway Invermere area, British Columbia.
Canada medical record. Vol. 8, no.4 (January, 1880)
Pearce estate 'Bow Bend Shack', Calgary, Alberta.
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