Canadian Pacific Railway yards, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
James K. Cornwall, Peace River area, Alberta.
R.B. Bennett.
Honourable William T. Finlay, Alberta Minister of Agriculture.
Honourable W.H. Cushing, Alberta Minister of Public Works.
Construction crew at new Crescent Heights High School, Calgary, Alberta.
M. R. Jennings, publisher of the Edmonton Journal, Edmonton, Alberta.
Colonel R. H. Palmer, 49th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, Edmonton, Alberta.
Lord Strathcona, 1820-1914.
William F. Stevens, Edmonton, Alberta.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, 1841-1919.
Honourable Charles Stewart.
Lieutenant Governor George Hedley Vicars Bulyea, 1859-1928.
Lieutenant Colonel James K. Cornwall, Edmonton, Alberta.
Doctor Thomas Alfred Patrick, Yorkton, Saskatchewan, 1864-1943.
E13NA 1
E15NA 1
Edmund Trowbridge, Deputy Provincial Secretary and Registrar of Companies, Edmonton, Alberta.
Her Royal Highness Queen Mary of England.
King George V.
James K. Cornwall, Peace River area, Alberta.
William W. Gould, Chief Clerk, Department of Education, Edmonton, Alberta.
Honourable Wilfrid Gariepy, Member of Legislative Assembly, Edmonton, Alberta.
Mount Inglismaldie and Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park, Alberta.
Thomas J. Walsh, City Alderman, Edmonton, Alberta.
Judge Nicholas Dominic Beck, Alberta Supreme Court, Edmonton, Alberta.
M. R. Jennings, publisher of the Edmonton Journal, Edmonton, Alberta.
Alex E. May, Edmonton, Alberta.
James East, City Alderman, Edmonton, Alberta.
James A. Kinney, City Alderman, Edmonton, Alberta.
William R. Griffith, Superintendent of telephone department, Edmonton, Alberta.
Thomas Bellamy, City Alderman, Edmonton, Alberta
Charles Gowan, City Alderman, Edmonton, Alberta
Charles L. Richardson, City Auditor, Edmonton, Alberta.
John C. F. Bown, City Solicitor, Edmonton, Alberta
Hugh A. Calder, City Alderman, Edmonton, Alberta.
J. C. Linthicum, Superintendent of stores, Edmonton, Alberta.
E. T. Baines, City Auditor, Edmonton, Alberta
Alexander McLean, Superintendent city waterworks, Edmonton, Alberta.
James W. Mould, City Alderman, Edmonton, Alberta.
Charles E. K. Cox, City Clerk, Edmonton, Alberta.
John W. Turner, city waterworks, Edmonton, Alberta.
Arthur W. Ormsby, Superintendent, power and light department, Edmonton, Alberta.
John Chalmers, City Commissioner, Edmonton, Alberta.
H. D. McIntosh, City Alderman, Edmonton, Alberta.
Frank Barnhouse, City Treasurer, Edmonton, Alberta.
Thomas Walker, City Assessor, Edmonton, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway over Mountain Creek, British Columbia.
Right Honourable Sir Robert L. Borden, 1854-1937.
Joseph Driscoll, City Alderman, Edmonton, Alberta.
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