Miss Edith Mallory, Crossfield, Alberta.
First house in Crossfield, Alberta.
James McCool, Crossfield, Alberta.
First water well driller, Crossfield, Alberta.
Doctor G. A. Bishop, Crossfield, Alberta.
First band, Crossfield, Alberta.
Store, Crossfield, Alberta.
First school in Crossfield, Alberta.
Street, Crossfield, Alberta.
Crossfield's first car, Crossfield, Alberta.
Crossfield, Alberta.
Lumber yard office, Crossfield, Alberta.
Store, Crossfield, Alberta.
Group faking a lynching, Crossfield, Alberta.
Street scene, Crossfield, Alberta.
Settlers cabin near Peace River, Alberta.
First band, Crossfield, Alberta.
Aerial view of new General Hospital wing, Calgary, Alberta.
Laval '56 : album-souvenir de la vie étudiante pour l'année académique 1955-56
State of Israel Bond Drive' party in J. B. Barron's office, Calgary, Alberta.
Group with dolls and food charity drive Lethbridge, Alberta.
Shipment of gold dust from Dawson, Yukon Territory.
British American Oil Company's new head office, Calgary, Alberta.
Group at Kainai chieftainship ceremony for C. D. Howe, Stand Off, Alberta.
Aerial view over the Foothills Hospital and surrounding area, Calgary, Alberta.
Log cabin with four men, Peace River, Alberta.
Shoe repairers group, Edmonton, Alberta.
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry returns to Calgary, Alberta from Korea.
Banff Avenue, Banff National Park, Alberta.
Beaver peoples tipis, Bedaux Expedition.
Tractor stuck, Bedaux Expedition.
Pack train, Bedaux Expedition.
Sekani man, Bedaux Expedition.
Truck cavalcade, Bedaux Expedition.
Sekani man, Bedaux Expedition.
At camp, Bedaux Expedition.
Motor trucks, Bedaux Expedition.
Repairing caterpillars, Bedaux Expedition.
Camping, Bedaux Expedition.
Dinner in camp, Bedaux Expedition.
In camp, Bedaux Expedition.
Sekani chief's daughter and her children, Bedaux Expedition.
Cooking in camp, Bedaux Expedition.
Worn tractor tread, Bedaux Expedition.
At camp on Peace River, Bedaux Expedition.
Portrait of Beaver man, Bedaux Expedition.
Bob Godberson, packer on Bedaux Expedition.
Jock MacDougal on Bedaux Expedition.
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