View of Turner Valley oil field, Alberta.
Prairie view, near Turner Valley, Alberta.
From spruce trees to wheatfields: Plamondon
Sixty years and after : an historical sketch of Holy Trinity Parish, Winnipeg, also, an outline of present day activities and possible future developments
Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier : un choix naturel
Gauntlet, Volume 016, Number 044
Gauntlet, Volume 016, Number 039
Gauntlet, Volume 016, Number 024
Gauntlet, Volume 016, Number 038
Gauntlet, Volume 016, Number 018
The begining, progress, and conclusion of the late war, with other interesting matters considered
Gauntlet, Volume 016, Number 029
St. John and its business : a history of St. John, and a statement in general terms of its various kinds of business successfully prosecuted
L' ouest canadien; esquisse géographique, ethnographique, historique et démographique
A trip to Manitoba
Gauntlet, Volume 016, Number 036
Gauntlet, Volume 016, Number 027
Vie de Mgr. Taché, archevêque de St.-Boniface V.2
First Tibetan wedding in Alberta, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Gauntlet, Volume 016, Number 035
Correspondence and papers on various subjects by the late William Edwards, of Clarence, Ont. : together with a sketch of his life
Les députés de Montréal (ville et comtés) 1792-1867
Gauntlet parody issue, Volume 016, Number 045
Pioneers and prominent people in Manitoba
Gauntlet, Volume 016, Number 003
Third crossing : a history of the first quarter century of the Town and District of Gladstone in the Province of Manitoba
British America. Vol. I
Les députés au premier Parlement du Bas-Canada (1792-1796)
British America. Vol. II
Gauntlet, Volume 016, Number 004
Short history of the Dominion of Canada : from 1500 to 1878 : with the contemporaneous history of England and the United States
Eastport and Passamaquoddy : a collection of historical and biographical sketches
Vilna Motors, Vilna, Alberta.
DeBolt Country Club & Agriculture Society : 60th anniversary book
Big Boy, Piegan man, riding 'Suffragette' at Winnipeg Stampede, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
History of the county of Peterborough, Ontario
Rose Henderson riding 'John' at Winnipeg Stampede, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Thrift for troubled times
German land hunger and other underlying causes of the war
Old Time Rangemen's dinner, Palliser Hotel, Calgary, Alberta.
Livery and cartage stable, Golden, British Columbia.
Technical school art students, Calgary, Alberta.
Pete Knight on 'Sarah', Calgary Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Calgary group at Colonel Walker's sawmill.
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