Charter of Amalgamated Association of Street and Electric Railway Employees of America.
Painters' Union group celebrating Labour Day, Calgary, Alberta.
Bull Head, chief of the Sarcee (Tsuut'ina).
Bellevue, Alberta.
Souvenirs d'autrefois
Ole Nissen, Denmark.
A tipi set on the Sarcee reserve.
Katherine Stinson ready to leave with first aerial service mail, Calgary, Alberta.
Town-site and cement plant, Exshaw, Alberta.
Number 1 hoist house, Hillcrest, Alberta.
Deserted log cabin, Aetna, Alberta.
Ernest Feuz, Rocky Mountain guide.
Constable Edgar Millen, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Bar room of Imperial Hotel, Frank, Alberta.
Constable A. W. King, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Constable Harry Morren Royal North-West Mounted Police at Watrous, Saskatchewan.
Main street, Macoun, Saskatchewan.
Construction of bridge at Blairmore, Alberta.
Bill Miner, train robber.
Princeton, British Columbia.
Bird's eye view of Frank, Alberta.
Portrait of Emilio Picariello (Emperor Pic) and family.
Dufourea maura
Dufourea maura
Dufourea maura
Fire at Fernie, British Columbia.
View of Hillcrest, Alberta.
View of Golden, British Columbia.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police dog, Prince, searching for bodies after Hope slide.
Harvesting with a four-horse team and binder.
Banff Indian Days parade, Banff, Alberta.
Joseph Smith, hermit of Silver City, Alberta.
Veterans of 6th Field Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers.
Cochrane Hotel, Cochrane, Alberta.
Group at Banff, Alberta.
Alberta Gazette 1978, Part 1
University of Calgary Fact Book 1991–92
Under Eight Flags: Vol. 1
The confederation of the British North American provinces : their past and future prospects
Mckenny's Pacific Coast Directory for 1883-4
University of Calgary Fact Book 1990–91
Stanislaus Almighty Voice, Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Canadian Pacific Railway station, Frank, Alberta.
Geography of Newfoundland for the use of schools
Russian riddle, The
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 012, Number 006
The Border or Riding Clans
University of Calgary Calendar 1967-1968
Gauntlet, Volume 020, Number 031
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