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Papers and records (Huron Institute). Volume 1
Lupastean Family from Bucovina : a monograph of one of Canada's people, the Romanians : a readable story of early Canada and of one group of its people
Adolphustown and South Fredericksburgh, 1784-1964
Little Town in the Valley : History of Flaxcombe and Surrounding School Districts
Rapport sur le Pont Dorchester et les Chemins de Beauport et de Charlesbourg, situés dans les limites du quartier Limoilou de la Cité de Québec
Rocky View AB. Bylaws 1965
Gauntlet, Volume 014, Number 034
Adult's season ticket to Chautauqua.
Single admission ticket, Dominion Chautauquas.
Empire Day pageant, Sheffield, England.
Bert Schofield and hunting partner, Kootenay Valley, British Columbia.
Mr. Connover at his log cabin, Kootenay Valley, British Columbia.
Ed Clarke residence, west of East Kootenay Wagon Road.
Frederick Kimpton's house, Windermere, British Columbia.
Winter scene, Columbia Valley, British Columbia.
Looking east from Lake Windermere towards Tegart Pass, British Columbia.
George Geary farm, Windermere, British Columbia.
Dominion government experimental farm house, Invermere, British Columbia.
Main street, Invermere, British Columbia.
First Nations parade entering main street, Invermere, British Columbia.
Camp at dam, Wilmer, British Columbia.
Stoney at hunting camp near Alberta - British Columbia border.
Chief Louis Arbell, Kootenay, Windermere, British Columbia.
Louis Capilo, Kootenay, and family near Windermere, British Columbia.
Little Jim, Kootenay, Lake Windermere, British Columbia.
School class, Windermere, British Columbia.
A. E. Fisher automobile on Toby Creek road, British Columbia.
A. E. Fisher on Paradise Mine road, Toby Creek, British Columbia.
Dominion Government telephone linesmen, Ta Ta Creek, British Columbia.
Suspension bridge to dam site camp, Ghost River Hydro-Electric Power, Alberta.
Fisherman on suspension bridge across Bow River, Alberta.
Camp on Kootenay Central Railway, near Golden, British Columbia.
Suspension bridge across Bow River, Alberta.
Construction of Ghost River Hydro-Electric Dam, Bow River, Alberta.
Harry Simpson, linesman, putting climbing iron on girl, Calgary, Alberta.
Linesman on power transmission lines, Calgary, Alberta.
Calgary Power Company transmission line crossing old golf course, Calgary, Alberta.
Devastation caused by disastrous fire, Wainwright, Alberta.
Wainwright, Alberta.
Linesmen stringing new power lines after fire, Wainwright, Alberta.
Devastation after fire, Wainwright, Alberta.
Canadian Utilities truck loading poles, near Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Group on frozen Lake Windermere, British Columbia.
Setting power lines to new airport, Ryan, Saskatchewan.
Canadian Utilities power pole near Ryan, Saskatchewan.
Canadian Utilities crew stringing line to airport at Ryan, Saskatchewan.
Crew of Canadian Utilities stringing power line to airport at Ryan, Saskatchewan.
Canadian Utilities portable power plant, Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
H. B. Richardson, beside his workshop, Windermere, British Columbia.
Ed Stoddart's democrat, Windermere, British Columbia.
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