Threshing grain with horse-powered threshing machine, Cardston area, Alberta.
Pioneers at home of Vern Shaw, celebrating Cardston's 50th anniversary, Cardston, Alberta.
Hanson sawmill on the shore of Maskinonge Lake, Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta.
The 'Gertrude' on west shore of Waterton Lake, Alberta.
Fire at elevator on portage, Edmonton, Alberta.
Leiffers studio and Jensen Brothers Company, Magrath, Alberta.
Clara Hudson and Lenora Hudson Sheffield, Cardston, Alberta.
Family group attending Mr. and Mrs. Levi Wheeler's 50th wedding anniversary, Kimball, Alberta.
View of Cardston, Alberta.
Mormon Temple, dedicated August 24, 1923, Cardston, Alberta, Canada, by President Heber J. Grant.
John A. Woolf family, Cardston, Alberta.
Mormon picnic, Magrath, Alberta.
Mormon group on Chief Mountain Highway, Montana.
Heber Okey, Beazer, Alberta.
Cardston's first band, Cardston, Alberta.
Merrill home, Magrath, Alberta.
Alfred Schaffer, Cardston, Alberta, in uniform.
Smith Ackroyd and Fred Burton, Cardston, Alberta.
Delegates and officials of the Alberta Wheat Pool at annual meeting, Calgary, Alberta.
Wedding picture of Lawrence Squires and wife (nee Maud Wilcox), Cardston, Alberta.
William Samuel Lee, first settler in Cardston area, Alberta.
Old folks party, Cardston, Alberta.
Lenora Adelaide Sheffield Duce, Cardston, Alberta.
Ed Cook and family, Cardston, Alberta.
T. William and Rhoda Hinman Duce.
Unice May, Cardston, Alberta.
Woolf family.
Claude Ferguson, Cardston, Alberta.
Agnes May, Cardston, Alberta.
Jesse Gibb, Magrath, Alberta.
Ross May, Cardston, Alberta.
Mr and Mrs. William E. Cleveland, Cardston, Alberta.
Ibey May and friend.
Rebuilding the mine entrance after the slide, Frank, Alberta.
Spencer and Stoddard block under construction, Cardston, Alberta.
Oldtimers annual, Cardston.
Sara Hymas Bates Daines, Mormon pioneer, southern Alberta.
Fred Best, Cardston, Alberta. Married Artimisha May.
Martha Schaffer, Cardston, Alberta.
Office of Alberta Star, Cardston, Alberta.
James Rampton, Beazer, Alberta.
Family of Alonzo Lamb, Woolford, Alberta.
Maria H. Thomas, at 64 years, Cardston, Alberta.
View of Frank, Alberta, after the slide.
Sheffield family.
Andrew Gregson, Cardston, Alberta.
Roderick Mackenzie and wife.
Roy Duce, David Peterson and Heber Okey, Cardston, Alberta.
Mary Layton as queen of Cardston float, Cardston, Alberta.
Sara Hymas Bates Daines and Robert Daines, Mormon pioneers, southern Alberta.
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