W. Hill, mechanic, and replacement propeller made from dog sleigh runners, Fort Norman, Northwest Territories.
Crippled aircraft, Fort Norman, Northwest Territories.
Inuit and First Nations boys ploughing with dog teams at Anglican mission, Hay River, Northwest Territories.
First four men to reach Fort Norman by airplane, Northwest Territories.
Ted Link posing with monument erected at top of Mountain Katherine in Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories.
Log cabins under construction, Bear Island, Northwest Territories.
Imperial Oil Company airplane beached near Anglican mission, Hay River, Northwest Territories.
Hauling mud from Loon Creek, Northwest Territories.
Gas boat 'Katherine' built at Edmonton, Alberta.
Gas boat 'Katherine' transported by horse-drawn sledge, built at Edmonton, Alberta.
National Editorial Association victory tour, Edmonton, Alberta.
Kiwanis group in First Nations' traditional clothing, Edmonton, Alberta.
Social Credit leaders at a rally, Toronto, Ontario.
Lacrosse team, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Reverend J. Alex Perrie.
Arthur William Hobbs.
J. Campbell Sproule, geologist.
James Solomon Buller, Cree, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Executive and non-graduand members of senior class, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.
Mrs. Della Stanley on tricycle.
J.H. Stanley cleaning frying pan at his cottage, Banff National Park, Alberta.
Thomas D. Stanley and wife, Adela, High River, Alberta.
N. Clark Wallace, Calgary, Alberta.
George Stanley, teacher, with horse 'Midnight', Fairyvale School, Hussar, Alberta.
Teacher's horse 'Teko' beside Fairyvale School, Hussar, Alberta.
Interior of house occupied by J. H. Stanley, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Stanley seated at table, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Miss Kathleen Wallace, teacher, Calgary, Alberta.
Thomas Douglas Stanley, Vice-President, Resources, Calgary Power.
Evelyn Macdonald, nurse, Calgary, Alberta.
Interior of Bentley's store, Lethbridge, Alberta.
J. Campbell Sproule, geologist.
Mrs. T. D. Stanley and twin sons, Brock and Douglas.
Ralph Gustafson, poet, and George Stanley at Keble College, Oxford, England.
Children playing baseball, Fairyvale School, Hussar, Alberta.
John Henry Stanley, Shriner, Calgary, Alberta.
Baseball game, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Mrs. Della Stanley.
Ronald Martland and George Stanley at St. Moritz, Switzerland.
Mrs. Della Stanley and son, George, Calgary, Alberta.
George Stanley playing lacrosse at Oxford University, England.
Mrs. John Henry Stanley at beach, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Mrs. J.H. Stanley and Cleveland 6 car.
Interior of house occupied by Mr. J. H. Stanley, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Interior of Fairyvale School, Hussar, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Stanley, Calgary, Alberta.
Cave and Basin pool, Banff National Park, Alberta.
Children with school transportation, a horsedrawn cab, Fairyvale School, Hussar, Alberta.
George Stanley, Rhodes scholar, with baby Austin car, Oxford, England.
Lieutenant Colonel George F. G. Stanley.
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