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Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Québec : album publié à l'occasion de l'anniversaire de l'Érection canonique de la paroisse et du jubilé d'or de Mgr J.-E. Laberge, curé
Bulletin paroissial de Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Bulletin paroissial de Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Bulletin paroissial de Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Bulletin paroissial de Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Alberta Gazette 1928, part 1
Roderick Mackenzie and wife.
Delegates and officials of the Alberta Wheat Pool at annual meeting, Calgary, Alberta.
Family of Roderick Mackenzie, Mountain View, Alberta.
Family group attending Mr. and Mrs. Levi Wheeler's 50th wedding anniversary, Kimball, Alberta.
Farm at Magrath, Alberta.
Sheffield family.
Relief Society party, Cardston, Alberta.
Old folks reunion, Cardston, Alberta
Old folks party, Cardston, Alberta.
Oldtimers annual, Cardston.
William Samuel Lee, first settler in Cardston area, Alberta.
Mormon picnic, Magrath, Alberta.
William W. Payne, North-West Mounted Police and Mormon pioneer, Mountain View, Alberta.
Alberta Star newspaper office, Cardston, Alberta.
Smith Ackroyd and Fred Burton, Cardston, Alberta.
Jesse Gibb, Magrath, Alberta.
Woolf family.
Four generations of the Woolf family, Cardston, Alberta.
Joseph Orrin Wilcox and Adrian Cook.
Southern Alberta Mormon missionaries in Britain.
Office of Alberta Star, Cardston, Alberta.
View of Cardston, Alberta.
Cardston's first band, Cardston, Alberta.
First steam threshing machine in Woolford, Alberta.
Spencer and Stoddard block under construction, Cardston, Alberta.
Wedding photograph of Samuel A. Wilcox and wife, Taber, Alberta.
Wedding picture of Lawrence Squires and wife (nee Maud Wilcox), Cardston, Alberta.
Wilcox brothers, Raymond, Alberta.
Pioneer home of Charles Ora Card, Cardston, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Schaffer, Cardston, Alberta.
Martha Schaffer, Cardston, Alberta.
Alfred Schaffer, Cardston, Alberta, in uniform.
Andrew Gregson, Cardston, Alberta.
Laying the cornerstone of the Mormon temple, Cardston, Alberta.
Union Bank with Cardston Investment Company upstairs, Cardston, Alberta.
Sunday school officers of Alberta Stake (Mormon), Cardston, Alberta
Sunday school officers of Alberta Stake (Mormon) annual gathering of Cardston, Alberta oldtimers
The May girls and friend, Cardston, Alberta.
Unice May, Cardston, Alberta.
Pupils and teachers, Cardston, Alberta.
Agnes May, Cardston, Alberta.
Agnes May, Cardston, Alberta.
Mrs. Rhoda Ann May and daughters, Cardston, Alberta.
Ross May, Cardston, Alberta.
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