Berezay homestead at Whiskey Gap, Alberta.
John Berezay family, later settlers at Whiskey Gap, Alberta.
John Berezay family, Whiskey Gap, Alberta.
Dygert's percheron and belgian horses, Edmonton, Alberta.
Dominion Department of Agriculture Live Stock Branch exhibit, Edmonton, Alberta.
Ben and Lillian Gagan, sheep farmers at Del Bonita, Alberta.
Moving of sunday School, Del Bonita, Alberta.
School bus which ran between Twin River and Del Bonita, Alberta.
Group vaccinating horses for sleeping sickness, Del Bonita, Alberta.
Ed Newton master farm family in Del Bonita, Alberta.
Women who served at home-coming party, Del Bonita, Alberta.
Grain elevators at Whiskey Gap, Alberta.
Whiskey Gap, Alberta.
Hazel Hoyt and Grace Bowen in fancy dress for New Year's Eve.
Ben and Lillian Gagan, moving sheep camp at Del Bonita, Alberta.
Ben and Lillian Gagan homesteaders at Shanks Lake, Alberta.
Tom Roycroft feeding poultry, Shanks Lake, Alberta.
Sunshine oil well #.1, Del Bonita, Alberta.
Mule in dipping vat, Del Bonita, Alberta.
Glen Powlesland family, master farm family, Del Bonita, Alberta.
Schoolhouse, Shanks Lake, Alberta.
Canadian Customs building, Del Bonita, Alberta.
Ladies en route to club meeting, Rinard, Alberta.
Robinsons playing horse-shoes, Del Bonita, Alberta.
School children at Shanks Lake, Alberta.
First train into Whiskey Gap, Alberta.
Line-up for land at land office, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Line-up for land at land office, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Relief vegetables from Taber for Del Bonita district, Alberta.
First customs office, Del Bonita, Alberta.
Station house, Whiskey Gap, Alberta.
Baseball team, Del Bonita, Alberta.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police and United States border patrol beside centennial cairn.
Cowboys racing at McClain ranch near Del Bonita, Alberta.
L.D.S. Sunday School, Del Bonita, Alberta.
Dust storm at Twin River, Alberta.
First boundry league baseball team, Rinard, Alberta.
Terminal oil well #1, Del Bonita, Alberta.
House built from quarried stone, Whiskey Gap, Alberta.
William Newton family, Del Bonita, Alberta.
Choir, minister and organist of Grace Presbyterian Church, Calgary, Alberta.
The University of Calgary advertising policy and guidelines
EDCI 504-01 F1979
A Biographical History of Waterloo Township and other Townships of the County
Toronto's People
Alberta Gazette 1954 part 1
Annual report of the Department of Public Health, Province of Alberta. 1955
Lethbridge, Alberta, Bylaws, 1988
85th King's Light Infantry : (now 2nd Battn. The King's Shropshire Light Infantry), The
Gauntlet, Volume 024, Number 040
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