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Funeral of Henry Sirrel, Lethbridge, Alberta.
John Berezay family, later settlers at Whiskey Gap, Alberta.
Berezay homestead at Whiskey Gap, Alberta.
John Berezay family, Whiskey Gap, Alberta.
School children at Shanks Lake, Alberta.
Relief vegetables from Taber for Del Bonita district, Alberta.
Cowboys racing at McClain ranch near Del Bonita, Alberta.
William Newton family, Del Bonita, Alberta.
Ed Newton master farm family in Del Bonita, Alberta.
First boundry league baseball team, Rinard, Alberta.
Glen Powlesland family, master farm family, Del Bonita, Alberta.
Children bathing in horse trough, Powlesland farm, Del Bonita, Alberta.
House built from quarried stone, Whiskey Gap, Alberta.
Grain elevators at Whiskey Gap, Alberta.
Robinsons playing horse-shoes, Del Bonita, Alberta.
Group vaccinating horses for sleeping sickness, Del Bonita, Alberta.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police and United States border patrol beside centennial cairn.
Tom Roycroft feeding poultry, Shanks Lake, Alberta.
Hazel Hoyt and Grace Bowen in fancy dress for New Year's Eve.
Station house, Whiskey Gap, Alberta.
Whiskey Gap, Alberta.
Schoolhouse, Shanks Lake, Alberta.
Construction of addition to downtown Hudson's Bay Company store, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian National Railways train, Edmonton, Alberta.
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