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Self-propelled combine, Delburne area, Alberta.
Silver foxes on farm of M. D. Carlyle, Langdon area, Alberta.
Cast of play at Cheadle, Alberta.
E. J. Jones family riding in democrat, southern Alberta.
Harvesting beans, Bow Island area, Alberta.
Children building snowman, Edgerton area, Alberta.
Cutting grain with a binder, Grimshaw area, Alberta.
Doris Bennett helping on farm, Knee Hill Valley, Alberta.
David P. Jones driving team of oxen, Veteran area, Alberta.
Threshing grain on Wood ranch, Irvine area, Alberta.
Children with calves at fair, Millet, Alberta.
Man in topped buggy pulled by mules in the Hanna area, Alberta.
Grain grinder and mixer, Provost area, Alberta.
Andrew Loving driving horse and buggy, Ponoka area, Alberta.
Hauling milk to the train station, Carstairs area, Alberta.
Seeding with grain drill, Heather Brae area, Alberta.
Pitching bundles onto wagon, Walsh area, Alberta.
Covered ranch wagons, Gladys Ridge area, Alberta.
Children at Barwood School, Drumheller area, Alberta.
Men with deer shot during hunt near Dapp, Alberta.
Mrs. French and F. Borden Fulton, Waterhole, Alberta.
Binders cutting wheat, western Canada.
McDermid Trophy for winner of pony race, Edmonton, Alberta.
St-Malo : se souvient, 1899-1949