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Women picking berries, Botha area, Alberta.
Pullet and cockerel chicken, Botha area, Alberta.
Harvesting in the Leo district, Alberta.
Drawing water for cattle, Leo area, Alberta.
Discing field of stubble, Delburne area, Alberta.
J. Hope family and friends in wagon, near Calgary, Alberta.
Hilda Hope Payne driving harrow cart, Calgary area, Alberta.
Reed family members in garden, Ardmore, Alberta.
Mrs Reed in flower garden, Ardmore, Alberta.
Threshing on Dunn's farm, Bashaw area, Alberta.
Elsie Curr with chickens in brooder, Bashaw area, Alberta.
Pig barn under construction, Bashaw area, Alberta.
Meeting of Women's Institute, Bashaw, Alberta.
Women's Institute float, Bashaw, Alberta.
Cattle on Tolman's ferry, Red Deer River, Alberta.
Threshing on H. Jesten's farm, Delburne area, Alberta.
Horse-drawn sleigh, central Alberta.
Combining in southern Alberta.
Neighbours gathered for harvesting on Sailor's farm, southern Alberta.
Re-union in a farming community, central Alberta.
Self-propelled combine, Delburne area, Alberta.
Unloading silage into pit, Delburne area, Alberta.
J.Trout gathering carrots, Delburne area, Alberta.
Boys riding on home-made cart, Delburne area, Alberta.
Ladies Red Cross meeting at the Stelle home, Langdon area, Alberta.
Sawing winter wood supply, Dalemead, Alberta.
Silver foxes on farm of M. D. Carlyle, Langdon area, Alberta.
Children playing with a homemade wheelbarrow, Langdon area, Alberta.
Making homemade ice cream, Chestermere Lake, Calgary area, Alberta.
Jersey cow with two piglets, Langdon area, Alberta.
Wayne Mikkelsen with Santa Claus, Calgary, Alberta.
Twin calves on Henry Mikkelsen's farm, Langdon area, Alberta.
Sheep on Roy Snider's farm, Chestermere Lake area, Alberta.
Holmes Crossing School, Barrhead area, Alberta.
Wenstrom family feeding an orphaned calf, Langdon area, Alberta.
School picnic, Langdon area, Alberta.
Men in plate race at school picnic, Langdon, Alberta.
Children riding in cart to school at Langdon, Alberta.
Separating grain at Alex Warrack's farm, Langdon area, Alberta.
Alex Warrack driving grain wagon, Langdon area, Alberta.
Frank Thomas cutting grain, Langdon area, Alberta.
A. Hole with herd of purebred Hereford bulls, Airdrie area, Alberta.
Painting implement shed roof on Hobberfield farm, Langdon area, Alberta.
Sharon Hobberfield with 4H calf, Strathmore, Alberta.
Griffis children with horses, Calgary area, Alberta.
Mixing cement on David Thomas' farm, Langdon area, Alberta.
Combining on David Thomas' farm, Langdon area, Alberta.
Grain crop damaged by hail on David Thomas' farm, Langdon area, Alberta.
Truckload of hay bales on David Thomas' farm, Langdon area, Alberta.
Children in Halloween costumes, Langdon area, Alberta.
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