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The Quarantine Claims : ""Prince Alfred"", June, 1872,  judgement, December 24th, 1873
Growth and Development Research Group Faculty of Medicine annual report 1978
Swimming at damn near Bow Island area, Alberta.
Jersey cow with two piglets, Langdon area, Alberta.
Wes Bacon and son riding on hay wagon, Irma area, Alberta.
Barley stooks on A. Hubberts' farm, Innisfail area, Alberta.
Woman operating binder, Lacombe area, Alberta.
Well-drilling outfit on A. Hubberts' farm, Innisfail area, Alberta.
Stacking hay bales on the Sabre Ranch, Pine Lake area, Alberta.
Vaccinating a cow, Hemaraku area, Alberta.
Threshing oat bundles on the Webber ranch, Medicine Hat area, Alberta.
Badly drifted field, Hanna area, Alberta.
Hugh and Jack Lee pumping water, Ponoka area, Alberta.
Bert Hoskin riding a pig, Carstairs area, Alberta.
School buses at Midway school, Carstairs area, Alberta.
Members of overseas Women's Institute, Olds, Alberta.
Tom Hargrave, Walsh area, Alberta.
Tractor pulling loaded grain tanks to Gatine Siding, Alberta.
Lowen family leaving for Drumheller, Alberta.
William Douglas' ranch, Drumheller area, Alberta.
Pulling tree stumps, Lake Majeau, Alberta.
Gas Well #15, Viking, Alberta.
Group photograph at Gas Well #15, Viking, Alberta.
La grande maison des Forges du Saint-Maurice : témoin de l'intégration des fonctions : étude structurale