Building and working together : a study of the Thorhild area. Vol. 1
Lethbridge, Alberta, Bylaws, 1987
Ukrainian people places : the Ukrainians, Germans, Mennonites, Hutterites and Doukhobors and the names they brought to Saskatchewan
Inventaire des marchés de construction des actes notariés de la ville de Québec, 1871-1899
Souvenir number of The Montreal Daily Star : reviewing the various financial and commercial interests represented in the City of Montreal
Inventaire des marchés de construction des archives civiles de Québec, 1800-1870. 1c
Lethbridge Alberta Bylaws 1944
Inventaire des permis de construction des archives de la ville de Québec, 1913-1930. Part C.
Patchwork of memories : Amphion, Balfour, Bigford, Blumenhof, Braddock, Falkland, Flora, Hopefield, Iris, Lens, Longfield, Maharg, Marx, Peel, Rosenhof, Versailles, Wymark
University of Calgary planning document - Department of Chemistry
Media Guide, Calgary Stampede, 2004
Saskatchewan bibliography : first supplement
German Canadiana : a bibliography = Deutschkanadische Bibliographie
Alberta medical bulletin. Vol. 37, no. 3
Alberta Gazette 1922
Alberta Gazette 1969, part 1
Revised Statutes of Alberta 1970 Volume 5
Alberta Gazette 1977, Part 1
Revised Statutes of Alberta 1955 Volume 4
Alberta Gazette 1927
Alberta Gazette 1966, Part 1
Alberta Gazette 1963

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