Courthouse, Calgary, Alberta.
Fort at Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Map showing the land of Treaty 7 First Nations people.
Engraving of a beaver and beaver dam.
Inspector Samuel B. Steele, [1848-1919], commanding officer, Calgary, Alberta.
Peter A. Prince home, Calgary, Alberta.
'Calgary Herald', front page, Calgary, Alberta.
Fort Edmonton, Alberta.
Extra issued by Calgary Herald.
Letter from George C. King, Fort Calgary, Alberta.
Norway House Mission.
Edward Whymper.
Map of North Saskatchewan Valley.
Model of Fort Whoop-Up, Alberta, 1870-1874.
York boat.
Bella Coola in Chief's dance.
Poundmaker addressing his men, Poundmaker reserve, Saskatchewan.
Residence of Alfred E. Cross, Calgary, Alberta.
Map of northwest coast of America, Bering Strait area.
Riel Rebellion telegram, from A. Manuel, St. Paul, Alberta, to J. M. Egan.
Cree summer encampment.
Interior view of Central Methodist Church, Calgary, Alberta.
Sir Alexander Mackenzie.
Lieutenant Colonel William Francis Butler, 1838-1910.
Father Pierre-Jean De Smet, Jesuit missionary.
Buffalo Bill Cody riding buffalo.
Copy of map presented to Congress by Peter Pond.
First Nations man in bull boat used in Western Canada.
Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Aldric Ouimet.
A.L. Mumm and Moritz Inderbinen, on Mount Robson, British Columbia.
Portrait of an Assiniboine near Fort Carlton, Saskatchewan.
View of Calgary, looking west from Elbow River, Alberta.
Father of Many Children, or, Bad Head, chief of the Bloods.
View of Lethbridge, Alberta.
'Kootenai' Brown's cabin, Lower Waterton Lakes, Alberta.
Reverend J. Gough Brick, Anglican clergyman.
Plan of Fort Normandeau at Red Deer River crossing, Alberta.
Medal presented to Alberta First Nations people, front view.
Rocky Mountain Development Company camp, Waterton area, Alberta.
Page from 'The Western Examiner' concerning Leduc #1, Leduc, Alberta.
Red River cart, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Sketches of Gargoyles on Calgary Herald building, Calgary, Alberta.
Marker at the International Boundary and principal meridian, Pembina area, Manitoba.
Canadian Pacific Railway Land & Irrigation Building, Calgary, Alberta.
Gargoyles on Calgary Herald building, Calgary, Alberta.
Rocky Mountain Development Company drilling rig, Waterton area, Alberta.
Volunteers for South Africa, 2nd Battalion, Canadian Mounted Rifles, Calgary, Alberta.
The Quarantine Claims : ""Prince Alfred"", June, 1872,  judgement, December 24th, 1873
Swift Runner, or Kak-say-kwyo-chin, Cree cannibal, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.
Governor Isaac I. Stevens' survey camp at Maple River, Dakota Territory.
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