Kiwanis play, 'Patience', Edmonton, Alberta.
Mary Watt retires after 31 years as a public health nurse, Calgary, Alberta.
Interior of colonist car, Canadian Pacific Railway.
Cover of promotional booklet 'The Last Best West'.
Interior of colonist car, Canadian Pacific Railway.
Cover of 'Canada West' pamphlet advertising free farms in Western Canada.
Panoramic view of Medicine Hat, Alberta, and steamer 'Northcote'
Group of Plains Cree.
Interior of Hudson's Bay Company Fort at Edmonton, Alberta.
Yellow Lodge, 'Otokuyicokoan' Sarcee, dressed for a dance.
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Head chief of the Blackfoot Nation
North West Mounted Police barracks, Calgary, Alberta.
Advertisements for sale of lots, Calgary, Alberta.
Cartoon from 'The Grain Growers Guide'.
Item on Lacrosse from Calgary Herald.
Cover of Irrigation Farming in sunny Alberta.
Certificate for wolf bounty.
Alberta Hotel on Dominion Day, Calgary, Alberta.
Cartoon from 'The Grain Growers' Guide'.
Horse herd in southern Alberta.
Cattle herd in southern Alberta.
Ration card issued to Northern Axe, Blackfoot.
Begging letter from Northern Axe, Blackfoot.
Cover of Canadian Pacific Railway promotional booklet.
Cover of 'Western Canada: The Granary of the British Empire' pamphlet.
Farm near Griswald, Manitoba.
Canadian Pacific Railway dining-car advertisement.
View of the vast prairies south-east of Calgary, Alberta.
Cover of Dutch emigration booklet on Western Canada.
A Metis farm, Winnipeg area, Manitoba.
Interior of settler's cabin Winnipeg area, Manitoba.
Columbia river, British Columbia.
Extra issued by Calgary Herald.
Colonel Charles R. L. d'I de Salaberry, commission investigating Metis troubles.
Section of map showing valley of Red Deer River, Alberta.
Front page of 'The U.F.A.' magazine, Calgary, Alberta.
Geological map of a portion of Rupert's Land, by Henry Y, Hind.
Lee's Lake, southern Alberta.
Henry Youle Hind expedition crossing the Roseau River, Quebec.
Henry Youle Hind, geologist of the Assiniboine and Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition.
Hudson's Bay Company voyageurs at portage on trip from Lake Winnipeg to York Factory.
Front page of The Eye Opener, Calgary, Alberta.
Swathing with three horse team near Calgary, Alberta.
Extra issued by Calgary Herald.
James W. Tyrrell.
Cartoon, 'The Only Drawback'.
Map of Calgary Showing street names.
Old Susan', Kwakiutl (Kwakwaka'wakw).
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