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Standard, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway steam locomotive and box-cars, Standard, Alberta.
Karl Milbak with team and harrows, Standard area, Alberta.
Silver foxes on fox farm, Standard area, Alberta.
George and Mamie Collins, Standard district, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway ditching machine, Standard area, Alberta.
Jack Morton, rancher, on horseback, Standard area, Alberta.
Jack Morton and family at the Pacific Cold Storage ranch, Standard area, Alberta.
C. X. Ranch, Standard area, Alberta.
Cowboys rodeoing on Jack Morton ranch, Standard area, Alberta.
Danish land party bound for western Canada.
Jack Morton, rancher, and family at the Two Bar Ranch, west of Wayne, Alberta.
Pinto horse 'Moonshine' lying down on 9th Avenue, Calgary, Alberta.
Main street of Chancellor, Alberta.
Pete Nielsen sitting on swather, Chancellor area, Alberta.
Percy Law taking cows to water, Chancellor area, Alberta.
Corner service station, Hussar, Alberta.
Tenneco gas plant, Hussar, Alberta.
Group of settlers from Iowa upon arrival in Gleichen, Alberta.
Group in front of Chris Andersen home, Gleichen, Alberta.
Wild horse race at Gleichen Stampede, Alberta.
Jacob and Gudrun Nissen aboard ship.
Danish group at picnic, Rosebud, Alberta.
Two gold miners in camp on west side of Arrowhead Lake, British Columbia.
Sergeant Ralph Shillam.
Arrival of Danish land party at Canadian Pacific Railway station in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Grain elevators in Standard, Alberta.
Group of men in front of the Standard coal and development company office, Standard, Alberta.
Henry Larsen working in office of McCormick Agencies, Standard, Alberta.
Group in front of blacksmith shop, Standard, Alberta.
Standard, Alberta.
Union Bank, Standard, Alberta.
School children in front of school, Standard, Alberta.
School house, Standard, Alberta.
Dana School, Standard, Alberta.
School children in classroom, Standard, Alberta.
Physical education class, Standard, Alberta.
Danish Lutheran church and manse, Standard, Alberta.
Danish Lutheran church, Standard, Alberta.
Congregation outside church, Standard, Alberta.
Confirmation class outside church, Standard, Alberta.
Aerial view of Standard, Alberta.
Painting above altar, Nazareth Lutheran church, Standard, Alberta.
H.B. Grant horse team, Standard, Alberta.
Group of early settlers, Standard, Alberta.
Group of young Danish men, Standard, Alberta.
Myrthu family in front of their first home, Standard, Alberta.
Group in automobile, Standard, Alberta.
Homestead Hotel, Standard, Alberta.
Ladies in automobile in front of Hans Larsen home, Standard, Alberta.

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